Flight to Spain forced to return to Manchester as ‘technical issue’ causes huge delay

Passengers who were flying out for some Spanish sunshine saw their holiday plans come to a temporary halt this morning as their flight was forced to return to Manchester. Sun seekers would have already faced an early departure for their flight to Reus, Catalonia, with Manchester Airport’s current guidelines for passengers to arrive three hours before departure amid staff shortages and Waiting lines.

This meant that many passengers for the 6am TUI flight this morning (May 15) would have arrived at the airport around 3am. But after clearing check-in and security, passengers are said to be eager to take off and land in Reus, where temperatures will reach 29C later this week.

However, while still over England, the flight was forced to turn back to Terminal 2, when the plane suffered a technical failure. It is understood that emergency services were on standby at Manchester Airport as a precaution, before the flight returned.

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Returning to Manchester safely, the passengers were forced to wait for another plane to take them to Catalonia. A new flight was eventually prepared and took off from Terminal 2 at 1.52pm, with passengers landing at 3.44pm UK time, a seven and a half hour delay.

A TUI spokesperson told the Manchester Evening News : “We can confirm that flight TOM2772 to Reus returned to Manchester this morning due to a technical problem.”

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