Malaga will install a new zip line on the beach of San Andres

MALAGA City, in an effort to make its beaches even more attractive and fun for young and old, is going to add a 33 meter long zip line to one of its beaches, San Andres Beach.

San Andres beach, located on the west coast between the port of Malaga and La Misericordia beach, already has a children’s play area and pedal boat rental. This beach, which has a length of 600 meters, is also one of the recommended places for windsurfing and sailing thanks to its ideal waves and is already considered an ideal place for a fun day out with the family.

To complete its leisure offer, the Town Hall has decided to renovate the existing zip line for a new one that will be between 20 and 33 meters long and will have a maximum height of 1.7 meters.

The Town Hall launched a call for tenders with a budget of €29,000 (more than €35,000 including tax).

The contractor must execute the order within four months from the formalization of the contract.

One of the requirements to be met, in addition to guaranteeing user safety and the use of “quality materials”, is that the new attraction also complies with the requirements of the “Blue Flag” and “Q for Tourist Quality” labels. .