The Orchestra of New Spain presents La Convivencia V

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Photo courtesy of the Orchestra of New Spain

The Orchestra of New Spain will present the fifth in a series of concerts exploring the musical culture of the medieval Spain of Al Andalus. V-friendliness presents Sephardic, Christian and Muslim music.

Orchestra of New Spain adds new material to its series exploring the music and culture of medieval Spain under the Islamic Caliphate which allowed Jews and Christians to work, pray and live in relative peace, a time known as the name of Friendliness (live together). The New Spain soloists perform works from King Alfonso the Wise’s vast collection of 420 songs to poems recounting Mary’s miracles as collected by the king’s minions, and known as “Las Cantigas de Santa Mary”.

Canadian Tamar Ilana, performer of Sephardic and world music as well as flamenco dancer, comes to Dallas from a recent tour of Spain, a country she has known well since her youth, accompanying her ethnomusicologist mother Dr. Judith Cohen , around the Mediterranean world. His Ladino and Arabic repertoire spans Spain, North Africa and the Ottoman regions. Jamal Mohamed and his world music group perform works from al-Andalus to North Africa and the Middle East. Evocative instruments of the time include the santour, the oud, the viols and the doumbek drum. A cultural exchange will find echo on stage with a final artistic weaving of music from the three cultures.