7 startups from Spain and 13 from Latin America are selected in the third “Raise for Impact” cohort

Social Nest Foundation revealed the names of the 20 startups that will participate in the third edition of ‘Raise for Impact’, a program whose objective is to prepare entrepreneurs to receive their first external funding and aims to offer a unique opportunity to participating startups.

Marguerite Albors, the founder and president of the Social Nest Foundation said that “startups need funding to grow and expand their impact. Grants are a funding mechanism to overcome the early stages, but they are not enough for the moment of growth and consolidation. This is where organizations like ours come in.”

These 20 startups were chosen from more than 70 projects based on their business model, their current and potential social and environmental impact, and the team behind the project. All applicants were required to have market traction, international growth plans and operate in areas of social impact, such as climate change, land and water protection, energy and infrastructure, regenerative agriculture, inclusive and sustainable tourism, etc.

Of all the people selected, 7 are of Spanish origin and 13 come from Latin America, particularly Peru and Colombia, with 3 projects each. The startups that will be part of this third edition of ‘Raise for Impact’ are:

Of Spanish origin:

  • Brand Closty: A conscious and sustainable clothing brand. They have created clothes that last longer, respect the environment with their fabrics and ensure ethical work for everyone in the process.
  • Ecodicta: Their business model is based on extending the life of clothing through swapping and renting, thereby reducing production and pollution levels.
  • Gaia Green Tech: This startup offers a two-way battery to charge electric vehicles. Energy can be reused by passing it from the source to the vehicle and vice versa.
  • Lullaai: The app that takes care of the mental health of new parents by monitoring their sleep quality.
  • Protean Innovation: The startup has launched Nautic, a marine drone designed to perform rescues in water, which is also made of PE plastic, of which all defective or deteriorated parts will be recycled.
  • Singularity Experts: The platform offers academic orientation programs for all students or workers who do not know what to do.
  • U4Impact: They connect companies and students from 30 universities to develop sustainable, innovative and social impact projects through their final projects (TFG/M).

The other 13 companies are from Latin America:

Of Colombian origin:

  • EducALL: Their goal is to facilitate Internet access to communities with a lack of accessibility while converting low-end devices into others capable of accessing information.
  • Horrible foods: The platform gives a second life to the tons of food that is thrown away every day, with the aim of reusing it and reducing mass production.
  • Strategies4climate: It is a technological tool that responds to social and environmental issues. They facilitate the recognition of impact investments that directly contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals to eradicate poverty and inequality, protect the planet and ensure sustainable development.

Of Peruvian origin:

  • Code In Mi Cole: This startup has designed a school-based training program for children and teachers to learn computer science, develop computational thinking and create their own technology projects.
  • Hidroponika: This startup offers a sustainable cultivation model that does not use soil in order to save as much water as possible.
  • Pachamama: This startup enables rural communities to promote the care and sustainable development of their forests.

Of Ecuadorian origin:

  • poliestudios: The platform that virtually enhances professional skills. It allows Latin American women to have access to a better quality education.
  • Warmi: The startup seeks to redefine women’s well-being and promote empowerment to help reduce violence and gender inequality, granting different types of aids to women.

From Argentina:

  • Anny -boost your abilities (Caecus Lab): With inclusion as a flag, Anny is oriented to provide services to visually impaired people and their loved ones. By offering tools at a lower cost, they seek to make them accessible to everyone.

Of Bolivian origin:

  • Munay: The platform is aimed at women who seek to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem from a gender perspective, responding to the needs of women entrepreneurs who lack the resources to have sustainable businesses.

Of Brazilian descent

  • ParaOil: This startup values ​​the forest by using seeds harvested by small farmers in the Amazon, transforming this raw material into natural oils for application in the cosmetics and food industry.

Of Chilean origin:

  • Grass of the senses: This startup seeks to return to traditional methods of fertilizer production, with the aim of obtaining a product that is just as profitable, but much more sustainable and of higher quality.

Of Guatemalan descent:

  • Serigraph of the gringa: This startup offers a second chance to ex-prisoners, offering them decent work and the possibility of real reintegration.

The “Raise for Impact” program consists of a five-month training that combines workshops, personalized advice and mentoring by impact investors with long experience and belonging to the Social Nest Foundation network.

Through this program, selected entrepreneurs will have access to training, professional support and connections with high-level investors in Europe and Latin America. They will present their projects at a global event in Spain, where they will have access to international impact investors of different profiles (VCs, funds, foundations, individual investors and family offices), with great knowledge of the impact sector and its startups.