A huge Russian flag removed from a building in Burgos in Spain

WATCH: Burgos firefighters in Spain called to remove the Russian flag from the building. Image: Russian Embassy in Spain

PHOTOS and VIDEOS began making the rounds on social media on Thursday June 30 showing a Russian flag in Burgos, Spain being removed by local firefighters.

The incident happened the day before (Wednesday, June 29) when the Russian Embassy in Spain released photos of the building in Burgos displaying their country’s flag.

The banner has caused quite a stir, although it is not the first time it has appeared on the corner of Calle Sombrerería and Plaza Mayor.

In fact, the Russian and Crimean flags have already appeared in the same place, an action led by Eugenio Dorao, president and founding member of the European Platform of Friends of Russia, based in Burgos in Castile and León.

The mayor of Burgos, Daniel de la Rosa, ordered the removal of the flag, with two ribbons of the Order of Saint George on either side, from the facade of the building.

The firefighters remove the flag by order of the local police on the instruction of the Burgos City Council.

Local press briefing Burgo-Saldia noted that many people from Burgos and tourists visiting one of the most visited places in the city were surprised to see the flag in the square and apparently applauded its removal.

The incident coincided with the NATO conference in Madrid, which saw the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko and the mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida sign a memorandum on the twinning of the two capitals of Ukraine and Spain, on Wednesday 29 June.

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