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talkSPORT’s Adrian Durham and AFTV’s Ty apply football fan clichés to the racing world

As Cheltenham fever sweeps the nation, cheeky Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has released his latest video, imagining a world where race bettors act like ill-mannered football fans.

With Adrian Durham of talkSPORT and AFTV‘s Ty, the clip breaks down the common traits of football fanatics, translating it straight into the world of racing – opening with a group of onlookers chanting “You’re shit ahhhh!” on horseback and jockey.

Social media ‘ITKs’ are then seen using a freight tracker to closely monitor the movements of Willie Mullins’ horses in typical Deadline Day fashion, while Ty comes out with some excuses to blame the performance of his horse, the crowd being “a little too loud for my horse”, and the sun being in his eyes.

Durham hosts its usual talkSPORT phone broadcast to hear a furious fan demand that Henry of Bromhead be sacked after a string of recent poor performances and failed to finish in the top four of the 2020 Grand National, although there was no racing that year.

Godolphin’s recent net spending and “expected earnings” (or xW) are also questioned by callers.

Fights also broke out in the stands, as a late charge from the horse in blue snatched victory from a desperate set of yellow and red fans.

The widely mocked Keyboard Warrior is also featured in the parody video, cleverly renaming “Aintree” to “Emptree” after spotting an image of an empty stand one day with two ranks on the map.

And, that’s all before bragging to his mum that he had a good day, taking a horse from Dundalk to the Melbourne Cup last Head of horse racing 2022.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Football fans have a very particular way of behaving, so we thought it would be fun to imagine a world where a day at the races felt the same way.

“And let’s be honest, if race bettors had the same attitude as football fanatics, it would only take one bad race here or there before the hashtags came out calling for jockeys and trainers to be fired!”

“Despite the fiercer than usual scenes on the course, no horses were harmed during the making of this video – all punters were simply foaling on.”