Check out these 10 best nightclubs in Spain

When visiting Spain, be sure to enjoy the best nightlife experience at these 10 nightclubs in the country.

Whenever a person decides to travel and see the world, there is so much to do. It’s about having fun and enjoying life. As a result, it shouldn’t just be about outdoor and daytime tourist things, because more can be done. Interacting with people, enjoying music, food, restaurants, bars, and nightlife are some other things that one will find interesting, especially when visiting a new country.

When visiting Spain, one can choose to explore the nightlife there. It’s an opportunity for everyone to see Spain differently and get away from other ordinary city activities such as work, travel and family. Here are the best nightclubs in town.

ten Pasha Barcelona

For someone looking for a club with various styles of music, this is the best place to go in Spain. It is a popular nightclub for its type of music. The club maintained a good treatment of its customers in terms of music every night. Pacha Barcelona entertains its customers using national, local and international DJs. Apart from the music, it is a club with a great decor, thus providing guests with comfort and a good atmosphere. Its location is also convenient around town.

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9 Made

Club Fabrik is very popular for techno. The club is one of the few mega-clubs in the city and is characterized by impressive techno and electronic music. With the huge size of the club, people have enough time to dance and move around while listening to this music. Club Fabrik is located on the outskirts of Madrid, about 30 km to the southwest. It can accommodate more than 7,000 people at a time and has two main spaces including a terrace.

8 Goya Social Club

For someone looking for a high level club where even great artists perform, the Goya Social Club is a good option to consider. It’s a huge club with a capacity of 400 people that is in Calle Goya 43. The DJs that are found in this club are amazing and provide the best music, mostly tech-house and that makes a lot of people love it. The atmosphere at the club is very friendly because there are young people and a variety of alcoholic drinks at good prices.

7 Opium Madrid

It is an exclusive club located in the Cale Jose Abascal area of ​​Madrid. It is a nightclub where many customers enjoy its R&B style of music and parties. It is a recognized club both in Spain and abroad. Opium Madrid has even been recognized by DJ Axwell, Armin Van Buuren and Ingrosso, which makes it very popular.

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6 Capital Theater

Teatro Kapital is a nightclub known for many things. One of them is having 7 floors of space providing an atmosphere like no other in the city. Then, the club is right next to the Atocha train, which makes accessibility very easy. Teatro Kapital offers the best place for various parties and the people of Madrid love it for that. The atmosphere is grand due to its huge size. VIPs have huge balconies and their own floors. The music at this nightclub ranges from Reggaeton to Hip-Hop and EDM. However, in some cases, karaoke can be found being played on the second floor.

5 Moog

Moog is a nightclub located in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain. It is a 2-story club that offers fun and has been around for several years, making it one of the most well-known clubs in town. The club’s location is another factor that makes it popular; it is in downtown Barcelona but close to many other attractions. The experiences at Moog are unmatched with mirror rooms and incredible techno and house music. It’s a great place to hang out with friends on a Friday or Saturday night.

4 Apollo Room

Sala Apolo is not just a nightclub, but has been used as a venue for many events for decades due to its reputation. Apollo Room is a nightclub that operates every day of the week offering a variety of moods for different days. For example, on Monday and Tuesday, people enjoy rock or reggae on Wednesday! Due to its good decor, spaciousness, good mix of music and good service, the club is so popular that it easily fills up before 1am.

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3 Sala Razzmatazz

For someone looking for the biggest club in Barcelona, ​​Spain this is the place to go. It is a club with 5 rooms and can accommodate more than 2,000 people. It is a nightclub that hosts several concerts due to its size. However, the experience is worth it. Sala Razzamatazz plays a variety of music genres to keep people entertained anytime. One can enjoy pop, electronic, indie and much more. It is also strategically located making it easy to get around.

2 RED58

The reputation of RED58 lies in the fact that it allows people to have a moment of relaxation and expression. The club has achieved this by offering customers a variety of music. Also, there is a mix of the type of music played and the artists who come to play at the club. With the mix of international, local and national music, one will feel at home whatever their preference. The club also plays a lot of electronic style music.


INPUT is a popular club, especially for its state-of-the-art sound system. This is for someone who wants to experience the best nightclub music and dance space. The club has invested heavily in getting the best musical equipment. INPUT’s club culture is very unique and easy and immerses its crowd in music, freestyle and happy mode, which makes it very popular with young people.

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