‘Drag Race Spain 2’ (Atresplayer) reveals its 12 competitors for the new season

Everything is ready for Atresplayer Premium for the premiere of the second season of “Drag Race Spain”. This Sunday afternoon, February 20, the group from San Sebastián de los Reyes broadcast the special “Meet The Queens” on its platform to publicize the twelve queens who will compete to become the best “drag queen” of our country and “steal” the crown of Carmen Farala, winner of the first season of the contest.

Ariel Rec, Diamante Merybrown, Drag Sethlas, Estrella Xtravaganza, Jota Carajota, Jurijii Der Klee, Marina, Marisa Prisa, Onyx, Samantha Ballentines, Sharonne and Veneditta Von Dash. Take note of all these names, they are the ones who make up the varied lineup of competitors for new installments in the format produced by World of Wonder and Atresmedia.

Carmen Farala, contestant in ‘Drag Race Spain’. (Atresmedia)

In the competition presented by Supremme Deluxe, there will be room for all kinds of artists: from the most divas, such as Diamante Merybrown or Sharonne, to the presence of the legendary Canarian “drag” with Drag Sethlas, a drag queen who carries with her a history of highly controversial performances, passing through those that will make the users of Atresplayer laugh the most, Jota Carajota and Estrella Xtravaganza. Who will be able to take up the challenges proposed by Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi and Ana Locking?

Ariel Rec, 33, Madrid

She defines herself as an urban “drag” and the older sister of Killer Queen, a participant in the first season of the contest. “I came to recover her crown which was stolen from her”, she affirms with great assurance, just as she wishes to be “the reference which she did not have for the new generations”.

Diamant Merybrown, 26, Madrid

“‘Diamond’ is my screen name on Grindr.” “Merybrown” is because one of my best friends calls me la marimorena”, she explains in her presentation video. She adds that the strong point with which she will captivate the jury will, without a doubt, be dancing.

Drag Sethlas, 30, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Many viewers have asked for it for this second round and they already have it. In ‘Drag Race 2’, Canarian transformism will also be represented by Drag Sethlas, the controversial artist who twice won the Drag Queen Gala at the Carnival of Las Palmas by impersonating a crucified Christ. He arrives at Atresplayer’s ‘show’ defying: “I’m going to last longer than Vulcano [una de las reinas de la primera temporada]which is not very difficult.

Star of Xtravaganza, 25 years old, Jerez de la Frontera

“I am from Jerez, like Lola Flores, I was born on December 2 like Britney Spears, and my reference is Divine”, is the letter of introduction of the young woman, who will carry the natural as her flag, her greatest virtue.

Jota Carajota, 18, Jerez de la Frontera

Another woman from Jerez who wants to bring “flamenco, steering wheel, comb” to ‘Drag Race Spain’. She admits that, like Lola Flores, she “can’t sing or dance”, but subscribers to the Atresmedia platform “shouldn’t miss it”. Jota will pull “comedy” to put Supreme Deluxe, Los Javis and Ana Locking in his pocket.

Jurijii Der Klee, 31, Brussels

She dubs herself “the horny doll of the season”. She’s a trans girl whose “look” is based on empowered women, the 70s “babydoll” and Greco-Roman goddesses. She sings opera and opera.

Marina, 34, Barcelona

She presents herself as a “non-binary goddess of the ‘underground'” in Barcelona. In her initial video, she claims to “not identify with any particular gender”. “Above all, I am a ‘performer’. The stage is my natural habitat and drag is the main tool for having fun,” she says.

Marisa Prisa, 28, Lugo

Her character, as she puts it, is that of a “village girl who pretends to be rich”. She is gifted in sewing and singing, the two qualities that can make her noticed by the public.

Onix, Madrid

One of the “drags” that will attract the most attention, for sure. “I come from the intergalactic empire of Carabanchel and I define my ‘drag’ as versatile. I’m the weirdo of the season, but also a little pretty and flirtatious,” she confesses.

Samantha Ballentines, 35, San Fernando (Cádiz)

She owes her drag queen name to Samantha from the series “Sex in New York” and her last name to the alcoholic drink. “I’ve been in the drag business for 15 years, but came into prominence during the covid pandemic for doing Instagram live,” she says.

Sharonne, Barcelona

In his presentation, he does not want to specify the age, but he emphasizes his versatility: “I can appear in a Hollywood film, in an alien or directly in that of Pajares and Esteso”.

Venedita Von Dash, 30, Elche

She does not hide that she hates to sing, so she will confide her possibilities to her styling: “I am the bearded woman of the second season.” She considers herself “a lady”, although she is not one of the “coarse and vulgar”, but one of the “glamorous and fine”. She will have to see how she performs on the podiums of the Atresplayer program.