Egypt, Spain and Germany are in the throes of climate protests

Hundreds of activists gathered at the COP27 climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh on Saturday, demanding an end to fossil fuels and calling on Western countries to pay for the damage caused by climate change.

This is the biggest protest to take place at this year’s climate conference so far.

Activists marched through the Blue Zone, where the climate conference talks were taking place, chanting “the oceans are rising, and so are we”, and holding banners with slogans saying, “Tax the rich” and “Pay your climate”. debt”.

“We will continue to demand drastic emissions reductions and climate reparations from countries that are historically responsible for our destruction, especially loss and damage, but also adaptation and mitigation,” he said. said Mitzi Jonelle Tan, a climate activist from the Philippines.

Meanwhile, climate rallies took place in several European cities. In Madrid, Greenpeace led protests demanding an end to the use of fossil fuels.

More than a thousand protesters descended on Luetzerath in western Germany to demand more action from participants at the COP27 conference in Egypt.

The village, which has become a symbol of resistance to fossil fuels, is threatened with being bulldozed to allow the extension of a neighboring open-pit coal mine.

Many had painted their faces with the words “Stop Coal”, and activists unfurled a huge yellow cross – a symbol against coal mining expansion – in a field.