“Galician Rambo” arrested in northwestern Spain after nearly a year on the run | Spain

A 63-year-old convicted murderer and ex-soldier known as the ‘Galician Rambo’ because of his survival skills and escape history has been arrested by police in northwestern Spain after he spent nearly a year on the run.

Alfredo Sánchez Chacón, who was due to remain behind bars until 2025 for the 1996 murder of a man and other crimes, was unable to return to prison after being allowed out on a prison pass. one day last March.

He was arrested in the early hours of Thursday after residents of the Galician municipality of Valdoviño noticed a man trying to break into a house and informed a local Guardia Civil officer.

The off-duty officer walked towards the house and noticed movement nearby.

“After waiting for a while, he saw a person emerge from a thicket with a backpack on his back,” the force said. “As he walked towards the road, the officer chased him and ordered him to stop. The man dropped his backpack in an attempt to get away more quickly, but was caught and subdued by the officer after a brief chase.

A source from the Guardia Civil says El País that Sánchez Chacón was limping, adding, “He’s quite old now and very broken.”

After being taken to hospital for a check-up, he was placed in a cell in the Galician town of Ferrol while waiting to appear in court.

Police investigating the 1996 murder spent seven months searching for Sánchez Chacón before he was spotted in a brothel and arrested in March 1997. He had been in prison in Vigo for just a few months before he and another inmate escaped by tying sheets and climbing through a window.

The fugitive then evaded capture for two years by relying on the training he received as a member of the Spanish Legion and moving through the countryside of northern Spain.

It was picked up in a bar in November 1999to escape once again in 2001. This time, however, his attempt at freedom only lasted 25 minutes.