GpsGate’s software assists firefighter fleets in northeast Spain

Bambi bucket system used by Aragon’s firefighting air fleets

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Aragón fire crews use GpsGate for live GPS tracking, map integrations and camera feeds. The platform keeps workers safe while fighting active fires.

Geolocation in forest firefighting operations is essential. With GpsGate, we can work effectively in emergency to save more people and resources.

— Jesús Morcate de la Fuente, forest engineer in Aragón

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, July 22, 2022 / — Wildfires are raging across southern Europe. For fire management teams, access to real-time GPS data is essential. The Forest Department of Aragón in northeastern Spain uses GpsGate’s fleet tracking software to support its forest fire management strategy. Live GPS tracking and map integrations help them monitor active burn sites and protect rescuers.

Currently, Aragón teams are fighting a 15,000 hectare fire around Ateca. With 2,000 people evacuated from their homes, it is now up to the Department of the Natural Environment and Forest Management to contain the fire.

“Geolocation in forest fire operations is essential. Without the exact location of our teams, it is difficult to keep them safe,” says Jesús Morcate de la Fuente, forest engineer in Aragón. “The ability to receive images and video data from our fire fleets and integrate them with GpsGate means we can work effectively in emergencies to save more people and natural resources.”

Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos (AST) used GpsGate to custom build Aragón’s fire monitoring platform. Via GpsGate Server, fleet managers know the exact GPS position of aerial and ground fire teams. Map layers, helicopter video feeds and points of interest provide control room operators with the right data at the right time.

Remote government and emergency service teams have secure access to Aragón’s fire monitoring data. There is little time wasted dispatching fleet vehicles and enforcing public safety operations like road closures and evacuations. With telematics software via GpsGate, Aragón has the necessary tools to minimize loss of life and natural resources.

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About the natural environment and forest management of Aragón
The region of Aragon, in the northeast of Spain, is located between the major cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Stretching over 50,000 square kilometres, the landscape varies from mountainous Pyrenees to river valleys, arid steppes and farmland. Aragón’s fire monitoring program was custom designed using GpsGate Server and is an essential tool in their forest fire management strategy.

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