Green flag for Malaga beach in Spain closed due to faecal contamination

MALAGA City Council has given the green light for the reopening of Sacaba Beach to public baths.

The area between the La Termica breakwater and the mouth of the Guadalhorce River had been closed for two days (since Tuesday August 30), following the results of a water sample taken there which revealed that there were high levels of faecal bacteria, making it the third time this summer the beach has been closed due to faecal contamination.

The two previous times were due to a sewage spill from a damaged pipe by a construction company, Construcciones Verosa, during works in the area.

However, since the pipe damaged during the construction work was properly repaired, it is still unclear why the water was again tested with high levels of faecal bacteria.

Indeed, the municipal water company, Emasa, has assured that all the points of the supply and drainage network have been checked and that “no deficiency or rupture” has been detected which could have caused a spill in the sea.

According to Emasa, the sewage pumping stations and weirs are “functioning properly”.

Therefore, the causes of this recent contamination are still under investigation.

However, high levels of bacteria are sometimes caused by stormwater runoff and, as Beaches Councilor Teresa Porras said, another possible reason could be the beach’s proximity to the Guadalhorce River.

Meanwhile, the junta’s health ministry again tested the water for contamination, the results were favorable, determining that the water is once again suitable for swimming.