Heat wave in Europe: scorching temperatures in France and Spain will trigger a sizzling 30C in the UK | Weather | New

Spain and Italy have both experienced major problems as their climates soar to over 40°C. Italy has declared an emergency and implemented a drought contingency plan last week as Lake Como began to dry up in places, with the Po, Italy’s longest river at its lowest level in 70 years. In Spain, mass evacuations have taken place due to forest fires which have ravaged vegetation, with smoke billowing from residential areas. And in France, a heatwave in early June saw the government move to ban outdoor events and gatherings due to safety risks.

He even stopped activities inside places without air conditioning.

Britain’s Meteorological Service’s chief meteorologist, Jim Dale, has blamed climate change as the cause of the extreme heat in European parts of the world.

While Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge also told Express.co.uk the North African air is also warmer than normal, reaching sultry highs when it merges with already warm European climates.

These dramatic changes are not going unnoticed in the UK, as most of the time the South East bears the brunt of the temperatures as they radiate across the English Channel.

And that looks to be the case again next month, with Tuesday July 12 being the peak day for scorching temperatures.

He said: “For us (the south east) it should be from the 4th of July, but it’s hard to know how hot it is and how widespread it is at the moment.”

On July 4, temperatures will begin to rise, with highs of 24°C.

On Thursday July 7, temperatures will continue to rise to 26°C before reaching 30°C on July 12.

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Although the Met Office has not been so specific, its long-term forecast indicates that forecasters may be expecting thermometers to soar.

As of Monday July 11, the outlook reads: “There is a good chance that more stable conditions will prevail through mid to late July, although parts of the north may experience periods of rain or showers at times. , especially at the beginning of the period.

“These spells could stretch across the country at times, but generally the south will see the best of established conditions.

“Temperatures will likely be near or a little above average at first, but trend towards largely warm conditions later, particularly in the south.”