Holidays in Spain: the “temporary” rule of face masks explained | Travel News | To travel

Spain is one of the most popular vacation spots for Britons. The Covid pandemic, however, has made it harder than ever to fly to Spain for vacations.

Vacationers who can prove their full immunization status can enter the country.

But once in Spain, they face more Covid rules, with face masks being mandatory inside and out again.

The move was called “temporary” by the Spanish government, with many hoping the new rule will be lifted in time for the spring and the influx of tourists.

But all is not pessimistic, the mandate of the mask being an exception.


Spain’s Health Minister Carolina Darias has designated the beaches as an exception to the new rule of face masks.

Brits who fly to Spain on vacation won’t have to wear masks when lounging on the sand.

The exception is subject to compliance with the rule of social distancing.

There are other exceptions to the face mask rule.

The new rule states that anyone over the age of six must wear a face mask outdoors even if a social distance (1.5 meters between people) is observed.

It is compulsory to wear a mask “in any outdoor space for public use or open to the public”, which includes everywhere, from parks to streets.

Health Minister Carolina Darias said: “Every time we go out we have to
let’s go with our mask.

This applies to both locals and tourists alike, so vacationers will want to make sure they follow the rule.