“I thought about it, but…”

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Paula Badusa I got off to a good start with the new version of Indian goods. The Spanish tennis player wants to continue her ascent in 2022, which promises to be a key year in her career. at Masters 1000 From CaliforniaHe added his first victory over the Czech Republic Therese Martinkova.

With a score of 6-2 7-6, Paula Padusa qualified for the first round in Indian Wells. The championship is always special for her, even if it represents her Spain inside United States where was he born. He did it on the other side of the country, in manhattanin the heart new York.

So he could have decided to play under the American flag, but he chose Spain. First for his family and also because it was in our country that he took his first steps in the world of tennis. The athlete spoke about his choice after his victory over Martincova.

Paula Padusa at Indian Wells 2022


“I thought about it (representing the United States) when I was very young. But I started playing tennis in Spain and my whole family is from Spain. I was born in the United States and I lived here, and I really have a part of my heart here”, confirmed Paula Padusa during a press conference.

The tennis player did not hide the idea of ​​​​playing for the United States in the arena Women’s Tennis Association. Still, being away from family for so long tipped the balance in favor of Spain: “I thought about it, but I had to live in the United States and I was very far from my family.”

2022, a key year

A few weeks ago, the Spaniard made it clear that her aim was to stay top of the league WTA Ranking. This is how far he has come after 2021 for a kind of turning point in his career: “The turning point in my career was last year, I think I changed a lot. Before I was mentally weak, I was easily frustrated and sometimes I didn’t fight like I should. I have changed a lot. »

“At the beginning of the year, I decided that I wanted to be very strong from that point of view,” said Paula Padusa. “It made me so much better because when you’re mentally stronger, you’re also physically stronger and your tennis gets better.” He wants to dominate Indian Wells and enter the world of tennis.

Rafael Nadal

as spoken Rafael Nadal: “Well, it’s amazing how much better last year was. He has raised his level, his ranking a lot. Yes, it’s a great story. She plays very well. He started the season with a victory in Sydney, if I’m not mistaken. I know the last few weeks haven’t been perfect, but he managed to win here a few months ago.

“When she’s playing well, she’s a player who can fight for any championship. She has amazing kicks. She hits the ball really hard. She can compete well and win against anyone. She can probably accomplish a lot in this sport if she is able to. Stay healthy and keep your focus and mind in the right position. I think he has the power to do anything,” the male tennis player confirmed on most titled in the world. big Bang in his file.

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