‘If looks could kill’ – holiday airport chaos in Spain reported by Brits as Irish ‘navigate’

Travel chaos is reported at many airports across Spain, with some holidaymakers facing long queues after landing.

In recent days, a number of passengers have been fuming on social media claiming to have spent up to three hours in a queue just to enter the country.

Majorca, Alicante and Malaga are among the Spanish airports where long queues are reported at times.

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Some Britons say they were particularly delayed due to additional checks needed at passport control.

Since Brexit, British tourists are only allowed to stay in the Schengen area (an area of ​​free movement without border controls which includes 26 countries including Spain but excluding Ireland) only 90 days out of 180 .

Each passenger must have their passport inspected manually and time-stamped by the police upon arrival and departure.

Meanwhile, Irish citizens enjoy EU-wide passenger rights to travel to, from or within the EU by air, train, bus/coach or boat.

Many Spanish airports have created separate queues for UK and EU passport holders, leaving some Britons to argue that Irish citizens get ‘preferential treatment’ with a ‘European fast lane’.

Travelers shared photos of Malaga airport which separated two separate passport queues. One is sealed with black tape and marked with a union jack for “all passengers”. The other is surrounded by a green ribbon and shows an Irish tricolor and an EU flag while being labeled for ‘EU citizens’.

A photo shared on Twitter of the interior of Malaga airport

“Four hour queue at Malaga airport for non-EU passport holders, while everyone else walks,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another added: “We waited three hours at Palma airport, with a very tired 4 year old in tow. ‘Other passports’ no line.

Meanwhile, some EU passport holders claimed they received ‘stares that could kill’ as they ‘sailed around’ while others waited in line.

“Massive queues for non-EU passport control at Malaga airport yesterday morning. In less than a minute we Irish passport holders were excused with a smile. could kill!” wrote one Twitter user.

Another said: “I sailed the Irish way in Malaga yesterday. Two Britons from my plane tried to follow me. It was fun.”

Someone else posted: “Recently arrived in Spain. A woman was complaining that UK passports are sent in a long queue, the Irish go the other way. I politely pointed out that it’s was our new normal. ‘Never mind. Yeah, I guess,’ she grumbled.

Tour operators and hoteliers claimed that passport control issues were having a negative impact on the entire travel and tourism industry.

The Federation of Balearic Transport Companies (FEBT) said: “All flights from the UK, following Brexit, are affected by passport checks in the [Majorca] terminal.

“The massive influx of tourists has caused this service to collapse, so this issue needs to be addressed urgently.”

The federation met with a government delegate on Monday to look for short-term solutions, with manager Salvador Servera saying afterwards: “The delegate told us that the problem will be solved in June with the arrival of the police forces within the framework of the ‘operation summer, but it’s vital that it does, because the whole season is at stake.”

The FEBT asked for “coordination in the services” to protect the “image” of the island’s services.

It comes as Javier Gandara, president of the Association of Airlines in Spain, called queues at airports in Spanish holiday destinations ‘undesirable’ and said he feared they could leave visitors a “bad image” of the country unless the situation improves.

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