In Spain they reveal the reason why Ferran Torres’ shirt didn’t have a sports emblem or signature

Referee checks uniforms ahead of game, but details not on radar

Barcelona level on one goal with Napoli in the Europa League. In the countryside, Fernando Torres he scored for the culé team, but the striker also caught the eye for another reason.

The player appeared in the second leg with a ‘different’ shirt than the one used by the rest of his teammates. Torres’ kit had neither the Barcelona crest nor the logo of Nike, the club’s sporting goods supplier.

Was it a boycott? Did the symbols fall on the grass? Nothing of the sort. According to the newspaper sports worldthe shirt arrived with a manufacturing defect.

Football players are usually given two shirts for a football match. The one Torres wore in the first half was normal, complete with club crests and team branding.

However, in the second part, he wore the shirt which had manufacturing defects. And the mistake was “exposed” in celebration of his entry.

The channel commentator Disney, Renata Ruel explained all the confusion. Did Ferran Torres commit an irregularity? According to Renata, no. He had the obligatory outfit for a match: jersey, shorts, socks, shin guards and adapted shoes.

The uniform is a standard that everyone must respect. In this case, the shirt Fernando Torres it was the same model used by his colleagues, despite the manufacturing defect.

The referee checks the uniforms before the game, but specific details are not on the radar. What could lead to a penalty is when the jersey has something that the regulations of a championship do not allow. For example, in the Club World Cupteams wear a “clean” shirt, with only the main sponsor and no message on the shirt.

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