Is Morocco cheaper than Spain? let’s compare

Is Morocco cheaper than Spain? The short answer is yes – significantly cheaper. Spain is known as quite an expensive country to visit while Morocco is renowned for being one of the cheapest and most rewarding countries to visit in the near abroad of Europe. If you are on a budget, definitely choose Morocco.

Both of these countries are havens for travelers and both have stunning architecture and rich cultures to enjoy. They are two very different destinations. One of Spain’s top destinations and the majestic Mediterranean city of Barcelona, ​​while one of Morocco’s top destinations is the oasis city of Marrakech.

Accommodation is cheaper in Morocco

Using hostels as a benchmark, you can see how much cheaper accommodation is in Morocco than in Spain. In Barcelona, ​​the cheapest dormitory accommodation in Barcelona listed on starts at around $16.00, but usually ranges between $22-26 per night for the cheapest bed in a shared room.

  • Cheapest dorms in Barcelona: From $16.00 (mostly $22-26)

In stark contrast, the cheapest dorm accommodation in the beautiful Moroccan oasis city of Marrakech starts from $3 or $4 per night. And from $4.00 a night, you can expect a great Moroccan breakfast included!

  • Cheapest dorms in Barcelona: From $4.00 – including breakfast

Private rooms in better hotels are also cheaper in Morocco.

Morocco is cheaper with everything

Some things that indicate how much cheaper Morocco is than Spain are shown on the cost of living index for Marrakech and Barcelona. Here is a comparison for some items from Barcelona in Spain and Marrakech in Morocco.

Inexpensive meals in a restaurant:

  • Barcelona: $12.70
  • Marrakesh: $3.30

Transport – One-way ticket on public transport:

  • Barcelona: $2.50
  • Marrakesh: $0.40

Rent – City Center One Bedroom Apartment:

  • Barcelona: $1,030
  • Marrakesh: $390

Morocco is generally cheaper in all areas. Once one converts his US dollars to Euros in Spain, one will find that his money is buying something similar to what it does in the United States. But as one converts one’s money into Moroccan dinars, one realizes that one’s money goes much further.

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Tours Are Much Cheaper In Morocco

An example of how cheap tours are in Morocco is that Morocco Camel Trekking offers a three-day camel tour through the Moroccan desert. The tour includes a room in a hotel, a standard or deluxe tent, camels, a guide, dinner, breakfast, sandboarding, etc. And the price is only from 160 euros (about $175) – although prices vary somewhat depending on the season.

Three Day Camel Ride in Morocco:

  • Price: From 160 euros (around $175)
  • Understand : Hotel, standard or deluxe tent, camels, guide, dinner, breakfast, sandboard

There is no direct comparison with Spain and there are no camel treks in the desert with the Bedouins. But as much to say that Spain would be much more expensive.

In Spain, an evening tour of the former Spanish capital of Toledo starts from $105.00 per person. This tour simply guides guests around the city at night, then concludes with a local tapas tasting. It includes a guide, two stops for tapas with wine or beer, a stop for a marizpan pastry, hams, cheeses and a Spanish omelette.

It does not include full meals, accommodation and is only 5 hours while the Moroccan camel ride lasts 3 days / 2 nights (all inclusive).

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The exception – The most expensive alcohol in Morocco

In general, one is likely to find alcohol more expensive (and much harder to find) than in Spain. All tourist hotels and restaurants in Morocco should serve alcohol, but outside the tourist areas, alcohol can be a bit hard to come by.

Alcohol is legal and sold in Morocco, but socially it is also frowned upon. So (depending on the city and area of ​​town) there might not be many places selling alcohol.

Imported beer (0.33 liters):

  • Barcelona: $6.00
  • Marrakesh: $3.70

In Spain, the story is very different. It’s normal to have a wine during your lunch break on a work day and booze is cheap and everywhere. One can buy a reasonable bottle of wine in Spain for just a few dollars and as cheap as $3, $4, or $5.

Coffee beer in Spain can be as cheap as 1 euro ($1.10) for a beer (250mm).