Latvia abolishes entry restrictions for arrivals from Spain and Vatican City

Travelers from Spain and Vatican City State can now enter Latvia without having to follow entry rules as both countries have been placed on the green list.

According to the latest update by the Latvian Center for Disease Prevention and Control, authorities in the country have noted that Spain and Vatican City State have registered less than 75 cases of COVID- infection. 19 per 100,000 inhabitants in the past two weeks.

On average, Spain has reported 72 positive cases in the past two weeks, while Vatican City State has not reported any new cases, reports

For this reason, since November 30, all people who have been fully vaccinated against the virus, as well as those who have recovered from the disease, are allowed to travel to Latvia for non-essential purposes without having to follow the requirements. test.

In addition, vaccinated and recovered travelers are also exempt from the self-isolation requirement as long as their vaccination or recovery certificate is valid.

Likewise, Latvian authorities have explained that unvaccinated and unrecovered travelers from Spain and Vatican City State are also allowed to enter the country for non-essential purposes.

However, they are required to pass a PCR test within 72 hours of entry or a rapid antigen test within 48 hours of arrival.

With the exception of the two EU countries, travelers from several non-EU countries are also on the green list.

Latvia’s green list currently includes all of these third countries: South Korea, Colombia, Qatar, New Zealand, Peru, Argentina, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Namibia, Rwanda, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan. The list also includes Macau and Hong Kong, which are currently subject to reciprocity.

Simultaneously, through the same update, the Latvian authorities revealed that all other EU / Schengen area countries are placed on its amber list.

Of all the countries currently colored orange, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic have recorded the highest infection rates.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the past seven days, Slovenia has reported 22,529 cases, Slovakia has reported 51,239 cases, Austria has reported 98,301 cases and the Czech Republic has reported 107,304 new cases of infection.

Vaccinated and recovered travelers arriving in Latvia from any of the Amber List countries are not required to follow any entry rules. In contrast, those who have not recovered or have not been vaccinated against the virus must be tested for COVID-19 and remain self-isolated for ten days.

Nonetheless, anyone can shorten their quarantine period by submitting a negative coronavirus test result on the seventh day.

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