Maps reveal the exact areas of Spain that are subject to all-inclusive restrictions and alcohol consumption laws

New maps show the exact areas of Spain that are subject to all-inclusive restrictions and alcohol consumption laws.

Holidaymakers visiting these areas will have limitations on alcohol and be banned from pub crawls and party boats, or they risk a fine of up to 600,000 euros. The maps, which were published by LOTUS, the tourist office who rFeatures the Balearic Islands in the UK, shows detailed locations, including street names, which will comply with drinking laws.

The law change affects holidays in Spain’s Balearic region and was actually introduced in early 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic many Britons have been unable to travel to popular resorts until ‘now.

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The Balearic Regional Government has passed a decree (rule of law) to manage alcohol consumption in the central areas of Magaluf, El Arenal, Palma Nova, Playa de Palma and the West End of the city of Sant Antonio de Portmany, and now Ibiza. As a result, “happy hour”, organized pub crawls, two-for-one drink deals and unlimited booze as part of an all-inclusive meal plan have been banned.

LOTUS claims that the aim of the law is to combat uncivil behavior and provide better quality tourism. For this, the government has mapped specific areas after extensive research.

The maps show that the only areas affected by the full rules are certain streets in specific areas of Ibiza and Mallorca.

The area under law in Magaluf

The law, defended and demanded by many institutions and businesses on the islands, will initially be in place until 2025 . Local authorities believe there are specific issues that need to be addressed in order to reverse the degradation and any negative impact that party tourism has had.

Area affected by the town of Sant Antonio de Portmany
Area affected by the town of Sant Antonio de Portmany

The six-glass rule for all-inclusive properties in the zones mean that travelers will be limited to three alcoholic drinks during the lunch schedule and three during the evening schedule. Other rules that have now been enacted include a ban on balcony jumping, pub crawls and party boats. Fines of up to €60,000, depending on the offence, can be imposed.

Areas affected by El Arenal

Those who participate in any of the above actions will be sanctioned with fines ranging from 6,001 to 60,000 euros.

The law recognizes very serious offenses such as those that only affect places and establishments (not individuals) and LOTUS notes that these offenses “include the sale of alcoholic beverages after authorized hours; offering alcoholic beverages in bars happy hours, or 2×1 and 3×1 deals; keeping liquor dispensers; selling liquor to minors; advertising or running pub crawls/drinking tours; or committing two serious offenses in six months, among other circumstances.”

Affected area of ​​Playa de Palma
Affected area of ​​Playa de Palma

These violations can lead to fines of 60,001 to 600,000 euros as well as the closure of the establishment for up to three years. Visitors may be subject to a fine of between 1,000 and 6,000 euros if they participate in any other infringement mentioned above and this will be considered a minor infringement.

The Government of the Balearic Islands, together with the British Embassy, ​​has added Ibiza to its joint campaign to promote the Balearic Islands as a safe destination in the UK, as well as zero tolerance against uncivil behavior this season.

With the new addition of Ibiza, the authorities have launched a ‘ Stay true to your friends’ campaign, which be deployed from June 1 to August 31, 2022 and will target young visitors through a series of short videos and digital images on Instagram and Facebook.

LOTUS has the campaign says encourages young British holidaymakers to have holidays to remember rather than forget, by providing tips and advice on how to look after each other and avoid serious accidents while on holiday.”

The two islands that do not apply alcohol consumption restrictions are: Menorca and Formentera.