Meta’s Horizon Worlds is now available in Spain, but not in Spanish

Last week, Meta launched its VR game Horizon Worlds in Spain. People who live in Spain enjoy watching the game! In fact, the Spaniards who want to play the game have nothing to do with the real situation.


You see, it’s true that the series was in Spain last week, but it hasn’t been translated into Spanish. It also came to France, and an example from Meta implies that the French will also have to speak English if they want to play it. Horizon Worlds is now launching in the US and Spain, and will go to the next US, the Oculus blog post is now written in Gizmodo.

According to the article, Meta Quest 2 is the most outrageous figure.

As for Horizon Worlds going on a trip to Spain, the video above shows how it gets to the third floor. Luckily, Real o Virtual’s review isn’t brilliant. In theory, if you play in Spain or don’t speak English, you can easily play a second game.

Even the instructions you’re faced with when playing the game are full of English and don’t include Spanish subtitles. There are times when Spanish pops up, but most of the time Spanish doesn’t make sense. Gizmodo’s Jody Serrano claims that in some cases Google works much better than translating what Horizon Worlds is trying to relay.

This all brings us back to the same questions most of them have been asking about the metaverse of Meta and Horizon Worlds since its launch. Specifically, how can a man with as much money as Mark Zuckerberg create something that doesn’t need country fundamentals like location? Expansion into France and Spain eventually turned the game into a bargain basement.