! Murcia Today – Countdown to the end of masks in Spain: where will we still have to wear them?

Publication date: 04/18/2022

Face masks will stop being compulsory indoors in most places in Spain on April 20

The government has been very clear that masks will remain absolutely mandatory in all public transport, in hospitals and health centers and this very weekend Health Minister Carolina Darias announced that they would also be mandatory in pharmacies.

Bars and Restaurants

When the royal decree abolishing masks is published in the Official Spanish State Gazette (BOE) on April 19, it will specify that face coverings are no longer mandatory in the indoor spaces of bars, restaurants and cafes. Everything therefore indicates that establishments will not be authorized to oblige customers to wear masks.

Supermarkets and shops

The same rule applies to all commercial establishments, regardless of their size. Likewise, people from all over Spain will be able to visit cinemas, theaters and concerts without a mask.

However, the government has called for “individual responsibility” and advised citizens to consider wearing a mask indoors where there are many people or where ventilation is poor.

The gym

One of the biggest criticisms of wearing a mask indoors has undoubtedly been irritation during exercise, but the restriction has long been applied to gyms given the increased risk of infection in that environment. From Wednesday, however, it is expected that masks will no longer be compulsory in sports halls.

In the office

This has been a sticking point for the Ministry of Health in Spain, but President Sánchez has indicated that the decision on whether employees will be required to wear masks will be left to the company’s occupational risk prevention services. Therefore, individual businesses will decide whether their staff will have to wear masks and employees will have to respect this decision.

Taxis and public transport

Masks will continue to be mandatory on all forms of public transport such as buses, trains and planes. The law will also apply to taxis, even if there is only one passenger.

Dentists and doctors

The term “health centre” has been one of the most confusing in the legislative change, but it is understood that dentists, physiotherapy, psychology and other centers will all fall into this category and therefore masks will be required.

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