! Murcia Today – Netflix and Cartagena sign historic agreement in Spain

Publication date: 04/18/2022

The streaming company aims to develop the audiovisual sector in the Region of Murcia

Cartagena made television history in Spain by becoming the first city council to sign a contract with Netflix to promote the audiovisual sector in the city. To this end, the streaming service will engage in the training of audiovisual professionals in 2022 and 2023 in addition to participating in the Cartagena Film Festival. Finally, Netflix will launch a new short film competition for students in the Region.

Announcing this historic collaboration, Mayor Noelia Arroyo assured that the agreement signifies “an agreement by which we support our creators, our Film Festival and take advantage of Netflix’s knowledge to improve the training of future professionals in the audiovisual world”.

The Region is no stranger to the big screen; In the past, Cartagena has been the location for filming national and international productions and several episodes of the Netflix drama series Sky Rojo were filmed in Cabo de Palos.

“For us, this means opening a direct communication channel with Netflix to have the help and advice of a large company in our capacity development projects in Cartagena throughout the audiovisual production chain”, underlined Ms. Arroyo, adding that the municipality is home to a polytechnic university. and technology is increasingly important in audiovisual production.

To this end, the first Tourism Strategic Plan 2021-2025 invested 4.1 million euros in the development and promotion of Cartagena as a destination for audiovisual productions.

The public policy director for Spain and Portugal expressed her enthusiasm for producing “good stories” in the Region, adding that the company hopes to showcase “diversity, geographical diversity, culture of our country and not be limited to certain places”. . This agreement reflects this objective.

Image: Ayuntamiento de Cartagena