News from Spain: plans to punish expats with 15 YEARS of waiting after increase in “foreigners” | World | News

The far-right Vox party has proposed a bill to Congress in Spain that would require citizenship by residence to take 15 years instead of ten. The bill was introduced to target North African migrants. The far-right Vox party is trying to make the process of acquiring Spanish nationality more difficult.

This week they presented a bill to the Spanish Congress of Deputies.

Now Vox leader Santiago Abascal has said the proposals aim to protect Spanish nationality as a “treasure”.

The party is reacting against an increase in the number of nationalized citizens in recent years.

The far-right party has made proposals that include banning nationality applications from those with a criminal record in Spain or their country of origin.

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Another condition is that higher language standards must be proven in order to obtain citizenship.

Those who wish to obtain citizenship may need to present official certificates to show their level of Spanish.

Another condition could be to ensure that people renounce their other nationalities in order to take Spanish nationality.

Vox wants to make it compulsory for candidates for citizenship to “present a public document issued by the authorities of their country of origin which certifies the loss of the previous nationality”.


Revealing their ultra-nationalist point of view, Vox also wants Spanish lineage to be the most dominant factor in obtaining citizenship.

The Spanish lineage is labeled as the ius sanguinis, or the “straight blood”.

Vox wants this to be officially more important than ius solid, or “land law.”

Vox tries to make the lineage prevail over the place of birth when obtaining nationality.

Most foreigners who wish to acquire Spanish nationality have to wait on average twice as long to be eligible for Spanish nationality through residence than in other EU countries.

In Spain, the waiting period for citizenship is a long and arduous application process and Vox’s proposals will make the process much more difficult.

However, Vox’s proposals do not intend to change the provisions for Latin Americans.

This led the Spanish media to claim that the bill was directed against migrants from North Africa, particularly from Morocco and Algeria.