‘Pokémon Scarlet’ and ‘Violet’ Could Be Set in a Spanish-Like Location

Pokémon Day turned out to be a critical hit. The 14-minute show, which debuted on Sunday, February 27, highlighted some amazing new additions to existing Pokémon titles, such as Legends Arceus and Pokémon GO. But the real legendary take of the day were the climactic few moments of the livestream, which showcased the new mainline Pokémon games encompassing the ninth generation of the franchise: Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

The announcement trailer offered little information about the upcoming experience, other than introducing some distinct locations and the title’s three starter Pokémon, Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. The trailer description provided via YouTube proves that these games will be based in an open-world environment. But where exactly?

For context, the previous two mainline games in the series, Pokémon Sword and Shield, were set in a region called Galar, which is quite easily a Pokemon reinventing the UK, specifically Britain itself. Other previously visited Pokémon regions, from Kanto to Unova, are also intended as real-world offshoots, raising the question of where exactly the new Pokémon game might be set.

The trailer released on Sunday didn’t name or highlight where exactly Scarlet and Violet will take place, but vigilant fans and Poké sleuths have apparently unlocked the secret inspiration for Game Freak’s next outing. According to Jordan Middler of VGCwhich did much of the heavy lifting, various pieces of evidence from the teaser prove that Pokémon is now heading to Spain.

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One of the main pieces of evidence is in the form of a map on the wall as the protagonist character enters the frame. The next scene, a front view of a docked Nintendo Switch, also shows part of the southern edge of the map. Many fans claim this wall decor could be an early indicator of Spain’s inspiration for the next Pokemon game, as the map shares an abundance of similarities with its real-world Spanish counterpart.

Another major point of the documentation is attested both in the flag of the Spanish republican government in 1977 and in the Flag of the Second Spanish Republicthe official flag of Spain which stood from 1931 to 1939. Pokémon’s new stylized Scarlet and Violet share color schemes in name and aesthetics, as the yellow missing from these flags is in the art of both titles.

If those two aspects weren’t enough, there are also various forms of Spanish-like iconography found throughout the teaser, especially the architectural design of the buildings. Although not many areas have been shown, Scarlet and Violet have a building that almost looks like Spain. Sagrada Familiawhich is located in Barcelona.

Like its Pokémon counterpart, the church features slender cone-shaped structures that soar into the sky like massive spiers. It is a world-famous monument that still remains under construction, despite the death of its designer Antoni Gaudi more than 100 years ago. While Scarlet and Violet’s version may have a Pokéball nestled in its precipice, that’s nothing new for Game Freak, as various locations of the same ilk have been remodeled to fit the mold of its world. propose.

There’s also the fact that most Pokemon found in a specific region either follow that region’s naming conventions or use the language as Pokemon names. In this case, as mentioned earlier, the three starter Pokémon for Scarlet and Violet prove useful in diagnosing where the games will take place, as the fire-type starter, Fuecoco, translates to “Firecracker” in Spanish.

Assuming all of this is true, Game Freak might just be taking Pokémon to the grape-filled Spanish countryside, where Pokémon will finally roam free in a fully realized open world. In any case, fans won’t have to wait long, because Pokémon Scarlet and Violet debut in late 2022, according to the Pokémon Company.

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