Renowned epidemiologist speaks candidly about polio threat in Spain: ‘What worries us…’

Spain is out of danger of poliomyelitis cases. he thus assures Joan Banana, epidemiologist Spanish Society of Epidemiology (See)Following the announcement of a booster dose for children under 10 against the disease in London. The Anglo-Saxon country’s measure comes after an analysis of the city’s sewage found traces of the virus more than a hundred times since February.

So they have Launch of a recall campaign which will be extended to one million minors. Although all of Europe was officially declared polio-free in 2003, alarm bells went off in the UK after the virus was detected in June. Experts say analysis over the past few months suggests it’s no longer something specific and that the virus is bigger than “a small network of a few individuals”. Additionally, in the United States last July, the first case of poliomyelitis in nearly a decade was reported.

Still, the risk in Spain is unclear, as it’s a different case in the UK, as Joan Cala points out. “There have been no cases in Spain since the 1980s; there are always people who are alert to any issues, but what worries us right now is Covid-19 and monkeypox,” he says.

Likewise, the epidemiologist recalled that in Spain the poliomyelitis vaccine is included in the vaccination card, and it is very important to maintain the “extremely high” vaccination rate in our country. “It is not necessary to put a reminder, but we must maintain the current vaccination, which includes four punctures”, he summarized.

Polio vaccination campaign in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan

poliomyelitis in spain

In Spain, closely monitored polio-free status acute flaccid paralysis (PFA). The purpose of this control is to identify the poliomyelitis syndrome in children under 15 and to eliminate the presence of poliovirus in the stool. For example, in 2021, there were 31 cases of AFP; With the exception of one case, all were cured of poliomyelitis. This was the only case of poliovirus in a five-year-old Senegalese girl received following vaccination; The little one had full instructions. The event ended without the transmission of PVDV-2.

Surveillance plan sources say: “The importation of poliovirus identified in 2021 suggests that as long as poliovirus is widespread globally, surveillance and alert systems need to be in place to detect and interrupt any possible transmission. must remain active.

New York warns of local polio transmission, urges vaccination

New York City officials he warned that they Detected poliovirus (polio) in major city sewers and this ‘suggests local transmission (that there has been),’ So he urged people to get vaccinated, especially children.

The first case of polio in the United States in a decade was reported in late July in the New York metropolitan area in Rockland County, and the virus was later detected in its sewage and surrounding areas.