Russia and Spain qualified for the semi-finals by beating Slovakia and Russia

In the 2022 UEFA European Five-Action Football Championship, the profile of the semi-finalists is complete. After Portugal and Ukraine, who beat Finland and Kazakhstan respectively yesterday, there were two other matches on the program today: Russia – Georgia and Spain – Slovakia. Let’s see how they are.

Russia – Georgia 3-1

In the end, the nominees won, but what a struggle for Abramov and his teammates at the Zygo Dome in Amsterdam. The Georgians end the match in the best possible way, to the point that the first half ends in a 0-0.

On the other hand, the recovery is more active, but no less balanced. Niyazov Petri Branko: Round trip. Russia have been in the lead for about a minute: the Caucasians are too ready to return to a 1-1 draw in the 24th minute.

The match is not busy. Robinho shines: help invent. The ball reaches Chichkala who scores. This is the 2-1 point. There are twelve minutes left.

Georgia immediately realizes that they cannot find another equal point and so the keeper plays to try and find different solutions in supremacy. The Russians are armed with patience and suffering. They fight and fight and fight even six seconds after the end, and with Chichkala they did not find the 3-1 final which for them would mean semi-finals.

Spain – Slovakia 5-1

But in this competition, “there is absolutely no match”. The Red Ayres beat their rivals and immediately made it clear who will take command of the pitch.

Milado, a little after ninety seconds: for a 1-0 goal. Then Lozano in the tenth and Raul Campos in a quarter of an hour. They praise imagination, games and aids. We pass 3-0 on the Iberian side.

The game is effectively over and the second half only serves to determine the final score. The Slovaks also find themselves in four: Směřika is sent off in the twenty-fourth minute. A card that costs 4-0, again by Melado.

In the last minutes, it was only time to score the goal for the Slovak flag, with Serpin, and for Raul Campos to come back on the scoresheet he scored with a 5-1 goal.

semi final: Friday February 4, 2022, Ukraine – Russia (5 p.m.) and Spain – Portugal (8 p.m.).

Photo: Photo by Oliver Hart – UEFA /