Ryan Garcia vs Emmanuel Tagoe live updates, results, highlights

Garcia-Tagoe; Round 6

Double hit for Tagoe to kick things off in sixth. Two lefts from Tagoe. Combination to the body, finished with a left hook to the side of Tagoe’s head, which jolted him for a moment. A quick three-hit combination from Garcia. Three overhand right, and Tagoe is sort of on his feet. He’s tough as nails. (10-9 Garcia, 60-53 Garcia)

Garcia-Tagoe; Round 5

An overhand right from Garcia starts the fifth. Double left and right to the body of Garcia. A quick shot from Garcia. Slow turn. Not much action. Combination to the body, and Tagoe sticks his tongue out at Garcia. You know these have had their effect. (10-9 Garcia, 50-44 Garcia)

Garcia-Tagoe; Round 4

Round four begins with Garcia hammering another left to the body. There’s a flurry from Garcia, but Tagoe resists and tries his own barrage, but Garcia escapes any damage. Combination to the body, Tagoe hits his chest. A one-two staggers Tagoe, but he recovers. Overhand right in the middle lands again for Garcia. He feels it right now. (10-9, 40-35 Garcia)

Garcia-Tagoe; Round 3

Tagoe comes wanting to fight as he fires a series of punches. Garcia brings Tagoe down and shoots a right which catches Tagoe’s eye. Dig left of Garcia’s body. Could smell that one. Another left hook stuns Tagoe. (10-9 Garcia, 30-26 Garcia)

Garcia-Tagoe; 2nd round

Garcia starts the second like he did the first, walking Tagoe and picking his shots. Stiff jab from Tagoe. A one-two wobbles Tagoe.

Garcia unloads a right to the top of the head, backs up and throws a right hook to drop Tagoe.

Tagoe hangs on for dear life, trying to survive the round. And he does. It won’t last too long. (10-8 Garcia, 20-17 Garcia)

Garcia-Tagoe; Round 1

Garcia applies instant pressure and hammers a left to the body. Garcia feints, and Tagoe misses a looping overhand right. A deafening chant of “Let’s go Ryan” here inside the Alamodome.

A hard right from Garcia, which makes Tagoe smile. A hard shot from Tagoe pushes Garcia back. Garcia fights back with a straight right hand. Hard left to the body. Garcia looks sharp early on. (10-9 Garcia)

Main event time with the return of Ryan Garcia

It’s main event time as Ryan Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs) takes on Emmanuel Tagoe (32-1, 15 KOs).

Garcia returns for the first time in 15 months. Will there be ring rust?

Tagoe said all week that he would show Garcia the “Ghana Pepper.”

Here we are.

Shane Mosley wins tactical fight against Gabe Rosado

Mosley def. Rosado by unanimous decision (98-92, 97-93, 95-95).

The crowd didn’t like the way Mosley fought, but he put up the smart fight against the gritty Rosado. He used his superior boxing to thwart Rosado and take the decision victory.

Ryan Garcia and Emmanuel Garcia go through final preparations

The crowd is entertained

Unhappy with what Rosado and Mosley are providing in the ring, the crowd decided to wave here in the fourth round.

Crowd not happy through two

The crowd is upset with Mosley and Rosado as they want to see more action like the previous two fights. Instead, it’s been more of a technical affair so far, with Mosley having the upper hand.

Main Event Co-Time

It’s time for Garcia’s co-main event against Tagoe as Gabriel Rosado (26-14-1, 15 KOs) takes on Shane Mosley Jr. (17-4, 10 KOs) in super middleweight action. Big fight for Rosado after his thrilling loss to Jaime Munguia in November.

Marlen Esparza becomes unified women’s flyweight champion

Esparza beats. Fujioka by unanimous decision (100-90, 100-90, 97-93) to remain the WBC women’s flyweight title and added the WBA belt to her collection.

A closer fight than the scorecards indicated, as there is no way Esparza will win every round. Indeed, she won the contest, but not by that wide of a score.

A fun, action-packed affair that was unexpected. Interested to see what’s next for the two-belt women’s flyweight title holder.

Garcia and Tagoe have arrived

Ryan Garcia and Emmanuel Tagoe entered the Alamodome.

A chorus of boos for Tagoe when it hits the big screens while Garcia received a thunderous reaction. We’re not too far from the main event.


Fun fight through three. Lots of grabbing and holding by Esparza. If I was the referee, I’d take a point off Esparza the next time she did something illegal.

Women’s flyweight title unification

Next up for Garcia against Tagoe is WBC champion Marlen Esparza (11-1, 1 KO) and WBA tilist Naoka Fujioka (19-2-1, 7 KO) meeting in a women’s flyweight title unification.

Azat Hovhannisyan plows Dagoberto Aguero

Hovhannisyan beats. Aguero via knockout at 1:11 of the second round.

What a fight we just saw. Hovhannisyan was throwing the leather in the first power shots and landing at will. Hovhannisyan and Aguero met in the center of the ring in the second and went off with bombs, throwing with reckless abandon. Aguero knocked Hovhannisyan out with a right, but that only woke him up. He unloaded a barrage and sent it down with a left. Hovhannisyan kept his foot on the gas pedal and once again sent him to the canvas with a right hook.

Aguero told the referee he was fine, but Hovhannisyan was a man on a mission. He gave one last burst, which was all the referee needed to see as he waved the fight off.

main card opener

Kicking off the Garcia vs. Tagoe main card is Azat Hovhannisyan (20-3, 16 KOs) meeting Dagoberto Aguero (15-1, 10 KOs) in featherweight action.


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