Sell ​​more properties with Spanish Casa

A Spanish property portal designed to grow agency brands and generate quality leads

Spanish Casa, a Spanish real estate portal since 2015, has developed and launched its new offers for real estate agencies throughout Spain. The platform is positioned to give agency owners the ability to grow their brand with SEO reports and audits, effective social media marketing, and targeted international advertising based on shopping trends. They also only allow direct signups to reduce commission splits and allow agencies to keep more money.

Spanish Casa has also launched a number of tools to help property buyers and sellers, such as a free valuation tool and a Sell Your Property in Spain tool for private sellers, which are proving very effective in earning leads.

Go beyond the standard real estate portal

If you are a real estate agency in Spain, chances are you have already used a portal. Portals are always an attractive solution for a new agency looking to attract and drive traffic to their hard-earned listings. But Spanish Casa goes one step further and focuses on brand growth by giving you more organic traffic and more recognition.

Prices on property portals have increased recently and, even worse, these portals are dominating the top search terms when looking for property for sale in Spain on Google, making it harder for local agencies to get traffic on their site.

This means that your real estate agency’s hard work in writing articles, designing web pages, and social media marketing is overshadowed by these big companies, making you more and more dependent on their services.

Spanish Casa has identified this issue and would like to offer further assistance. Their goal is to empower the agency owner who is looking to grow their revenue and brand.

Main features that distinguish Property Portal Spanish Casa

To stand out and offer something unique to the real estate market, Spanish Casa offers services not available on other platforms. They are all in place to give agencies real growth potential and see Spanish Casa as a partner and not just a portal.

Direct ads only

If you ask any agency, this is important for two reasons; Here’s why.

With increasingly tight sales commissions in Spain and more and more agencies sharing sales, it’s no secret that the real estate game is getting a squeeze. The old days of commissions over 5% are not competitive enough to attract ads.

This is slightly offset by an increase in property values ​​in the most attractive areas, but with the adjustment to the cost of living (and the cost of doing business), the real estate market isn’t as lucrative these days. -this.

Having a dedicated portal for direct listings will attract more direct buyers to an agency’s inventory, giving them the power to run the show and cut anyone in the middle. It will also increase their income by about 33%.

Here is the second reason. Imagine paying for a portal and finding your own ads there, generating leads to your competitor. It happens more than you think!

Why pay for the portal in the first place? And why should you split the commission on a sale when the lead is coming from a service you’re already paying for?

Direct listings on Spanish Casa will streamline your process and allow you to earn more and create a stronger relationship with both buyer and seller.

SEO reports

In today’s world, Google is where we go to look for answers. But, most people only click on links found on the first page. So that means if you’re not there, you’ll be missing out on a lot of traffic and sales.

Building a real estate site that communicates your brand and ranks on Google can be tricky. There are keywords, sitemaps, meta titles, backlinks and more. That’s enough jargon to scare off most agency owners.

Spanish Casa’s new premium packages offer agencies valuable insights on how to increase their presence on Google. From what blog posts to write and how to develop a keyword map for their main web pages, Spanish Casa is here to help you structure your website to rank well.

Spanish Casa offers two levels of SEO assistance. An initial onboarding audit and a more comprehensive overview every month.

Ads targeted to international buyers

The fluctuation of international buyers coming to Spain is constant; one year, it’s the English, then the Germans, then the Dutch, etc. Spanish Casa targets hotspots using digital marketing insights to identify trends and drive buyers to their platform. This is also compounded by an effective social media strategy to put more properties in front of people in major cities across Europe.

Ad Features

Spanish Casa allows you to present your properties on video accompanied by pictures. Agency branding is also clearly displayed and all leads come straight to your inbox instantly.

More features

The feature set continues as a view counter on every ad, unlimited use of their review tool, and even radio spots on future ads!

How to start listing your properties on Spanish Casa

For anyone interested in the unique services that Spanish Casa offers agencies, click here.

They make it easy to get started in minutes and allow you to upload your XML feed. Subscriptions start at just €49 per month to list up to 100 properties, making this a real estate portal you can pass up.

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