Spain beat France (68-53) to meet USA in U-17 World Cup final


The Spanish under-17 team will fight this Sunday to win the World Cup, which takes place in Andalusia, after beating France this Saturday (68-53), and will seek the great world center against the undisputed United States. United.

It was difficult for Spain to enter the match (1-8) and it was not until minute 5 that the team regained its essence on the pitch. Center Aday Mara made an impact on both attack and defense and with an 8-4 run they settled the score (12-9).

Conrad Martínez took over from Mara and with his presence on the pitch he ended up revolutionizing the Spanish game. His contribution to the score, added to that of Lucas Langarita, allowed Spain to take the lead after 12 minutes of play (19-20).

The Spaniards’ biggest advantage so far (26-21) came through defensive intensity and superior rebounds, but France didn’t disconnect and tied the game with a 5- 0. The pulse between the two teams lasted until the end of the second quarter, with a minimal advantage for the locals (32-30).

Back from the locker room, equality prevailed in the match, but the French took the lead to reverse the score (46-48) at the end of the third period. With this tight scoreboard, a final period was started which continued with this showdown until the middle of the fourth.

The Spanish team completely changed with a formidable partial 3-15, thanks to the solidity of Martín Carpena under the hoops. Álvaro Folgueiras also showed strong on the rebound to cut off France’s second options and thus clinch the long-awaited ticket for the final (68-53).

From now on, Javi Zamora’s men will face the United States on Sunday evening (9:00 p.m.) in a match that will decide the next winner of the U-17 World Cup in Andalusia.