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Expats who plan to bring Christmas food from Spain to the UK will need to be careful not to break the rules. They will also need to be careful if they intend to bring their favorite British treats back to Spain after a visit.

The British Embassy’s official Facebook page, Brits in Spain, has issued a warning to British expats.

The message read: “Christmas will soon be upon us and many of our thoughts will inevitably turn to food.

“If you are going back to the UK or if friends and family come to visit you here, make sure you know which food items you can and cannot import from Spain, as some rules changed at the start. the year. “

British expats will need to check the rules carefully if they don’t want to get caught up with bad Christmas food.

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Brits are prohibited from bringing meat or dairy products from the UK to Spain.

This means that they will not be allowed to import dried Christmas meat from Britain into Spain.

The British can only bring 20kg of fresh fish or a single fish whichever wears out the most in Spain from the UK.

Under no circumstances can the British import more than two kilograms of powdered infant food or milk into the EU.


British expats also cannot source pet food from the UK as they cannot bring more than two kilograms back to Spain.

There are also restrictions on the introduction of other products, such as honey, into the EU. The British can only bring up to two kilograms of honey to Spain.

EU directives state that people may be subject to official controls by authorities when entering the EU.

If they are found to have broken the rules, the product will be confiscated and destroyed and the expatriate could be fined.

The rules for bringing food into the UK from the EU are slightly less strict and the British will be allowed to bring in meat, dairy or fish if it is for personal use .

However, expats will not be able to bring large amounts of meat or dairy products to gift to friends and family.

Jon Dodgy commented under the post: “So basically as long as you don’t have a whole tuna over 20kg, you’re fine.”

June Gay said: “A friend of ours returned last week with three Celebration boxes and six selection boxes in their luggage. “

Lucinda de la Cereza said: “A former roommate tried to take a whole ham to the United States. They took her away.

“She said, ‘Don’t throw it away. If I can’t take it, at least eat it yourself!

Others joked that the British Embassy advertises plant-based living because there are fewer restrictions on plant products than on animals.

The new rules for UK expats are in place due to Brexit as the UK is now subject to third country restrictions on food.

British expatriates in Spain are advised to check the UK government website and EU regulations before transporting food between the two countries.