Spain, Greece and Turkey named best-value holiday destinations for Britons this summer

The best value holiday destinations for Britons have been revealed in a new vote and popular favorites like Spain, Turkey, Poland and Croatia have been retained

Turkey is particularly good value for those with GBP

Britons looking for holiday deals may want to visit some popular places such as Spain and Turkey, which have been hailed as some of the best holidays for British tourists this summer.

The fall of the pound against holiday currencies over the past month means that many destinations that were once a bargain are no longer so cheap.

A new poll found that 92% of people who had visited Spain thought it was good value for money.

The good news for them, and for others planning trips to its Costas and many attractive cities such as Barcelona and Seville, is that the British Pound is doing well against the Euro.

Buying £500 worth of euros at the post office would have you £5.02 more in May than a year ago.

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Mexico more expensive for Brits than last year

In contrast, Mexico is now considerably more expensive over the same period.

Exchanging £500 for pesos will now net you £69.66 less than last year, although 85% of people who have been to Mexico still consider it good value.

Similarly, 88% also felt that Turkey offers good value for money – good news for visitors in 2022 as Turkey is one of the few destinations where the pound will stretch further than the year. last.

Britons changing £500 can expect to receive more than 50% more in Turkish liras – the equivalent of nearly £167 extra – for their pounds.

The figures below show the rise/fall of the British Pound against Post Office Travel Money’s top selling currencies comparing May 2022 to May 2021. The additional +/- £ is based on a £500 transaction .

Those wielding the pound may want to consider Budapest


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turkish lira



hungarian forint



polish zloty



Swedish crown



norwegian krone



japanese yen



Croatian kuna



Danish Crown



Bulgarian leva






South African Rand



New Zealand dollar



Czech koruna



Korean won



Australian dollar



thai baht



Swiss franc



Icelandic krona



Costa Rican colon



Kenyan shilling



Canadian dollar



Mauritian Rupee



Singapore dollar



jamaican dollar



mexican peso



Barbadian dollar



vietnamese dong



East Caribbean dollar



United Arab Emirates Dirham



American dollars



While many destinations that are currently good value for money need to be reached by plane, some could be reached by train.

Large swaths of mainland Europe are connected by trains which can be cheaper and faster than you think.

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If money wasn’t an issue, where would you go first? Let us know in the comments below.

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