Spain holiday warning as new ‘bird poo scam’ targets tourists

BRITS heading to Spain for their next holiday have been tipped off about a new scam targeting tourists.

Two men were arrested by Spanish police last week after being arrested on the Costa del Sol.


Two men have been arrested following a new scam on the Costa del SolCredit: Alamy

The new scam sees them throwing cash at tourists, before telling them they have bird poop on them.

As they offer to clean them, they then steal their bank cards and wallets.

The arrested duo have been charged with six cases of theft and five of fraud after being arrested in the resort town of Benalmadena, according to Dublin Live.

Tourists are often targeted at resorts in Spain as their handbags and valuables are at risk.

The Foreign Office website warns Britons of common holidaymaker scams.

The website states: “Most visits to Spain are problem-free, but you should be alert to the existence of street crime, particularly thieves using distraction techniques.

“Thieves often work in teams of two or more and tend to target cash and passports.

“Don’t carry all your valuables in one place and remember to keep a photocopy or scanned copy of your passport in a safe place.”

It’s not the only Spanish scam Brits have been warned about, with another targeting holidaymakers ahead of their trip.

A number of websites charge tourists a “service fee” to help them complete their mandatory health check forms, according to i News, with some asking for as much as €60.

The website for the free form for passengers is, so Britons should use this one to avoid unnecessary holiday fees.

Here are some other holiday scams you should know about to avoid falling victim.

Holidays in Spain have been much easier in recent weeks, with unvaccinated Britons who have recently recovered from Covid now being allowed to enter.

In addition, Spain has removed the requirement for children to be vaccinated to enter.

Foreign Office warns of scams targeting holidaymakers at seaside resorts


Foreign Office warns of scams targeting holidaymakers at seaside resortsCredit: Getty