Spain is already designing spaces that help us sleep and increase profitability

Sustainable environments are measured in terms of well-being and not environmental efficiency, which is what we aim for used to in terms of durability. “We are talking about three dimensions: physiological, such as air quality, natural light or rest; cognitive improve concentration through furniture or decoration designs, and social, so that we can communicate better, both with people and with nature”, explains Ana Ferrer, architect of the CU4 Arquitectura studio and Well AP. “Livable dimensions that flow from the building and that must be maintained with the management,” she adds.

At this point, the certifier Well, first certification focused exclusively on health and comfortsupport for scientific measurements in 10 categories so that companies and offices, where we spend almost 90% of the day, do not forget the well-being of people. Architecture and design are key when creating wellness spaces.

“Air measurements can detect radonthe first cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, or the volatile compounds of furniture and cleaning that threaten our bodies”, warns Bieto Silva, responsible for Well certification, which collaborates with the Technological Institute of Galicia.

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The goal is as important as its implementation at all levels” admits Bieto, “When we do inspections, we find workers who do not know how these great chairs work that have been placed for them so that their backs do not suffer from 8 hours of sitting.” That’s why this certifier is alive and performs continuous monitoring.

Emotional salary and pleasure

The Madrid Design Festival highlights wellness spaces and certification good to accelerate the promotion of buildings and communities that help people grow up healthy.

From Alicante, Actiu works to create furniture for well-being in the headquarters of multinationals. From Google to Intel. “It is preventive medicine that helps people. If we do not make ourselves demanding, the architecture or the design could produce, for example, cancers or presume a prejudice to the performance of the workers”, explains Soledat Berbgal, the adviser and director of reputation of this one.

These health and well-being strategies are the change that Madrid Design Festival highlights with a round table in which Jana Fernández, specialist in physical, mental and emotional well-being strategies, highlights the importance that buildings, homes, workspaces, residences and schools serving people to meet our physiological needs.

“In emotional wages, enjoyment and the quality of well-being are paramount”

For this it is essential that they promote rest, that we have natural light to synthesize vitamin D, and finally enjoy. “In emotional wages, enjoyment and the quality of well-being are paramount. So much so that investing in social offices is also profitable,” says Soledat.

In addition to health, there is profitability. People who are more satisfied can do their job better. “People, planet and profit (triple button) must go hand in hand for any lasting change to be sustained over time. Investing in well-being means increasing productivity, improving brand image, retaining talent and increasing salesexplains Pablo Muñoz, co-founder and CEO of Evaluate, who highlights the fact that in the United States, which is at the forefront of this type of office, the profitability of these buildings increases their value by 15 or 20 %.

Because just as the planet has no plan B, neither do we, the people, but our health is key when it comes to sustainability.