Spain: Luna Ki withdraws from Benidorm Fest due to auto-tuning ban

Luna Ki has decided to pull out of Benidorm Fest as they won’t be able to use ‘automatic tuning’ in their performance.

RTVE announced the news this morning. The artist told the organization that the reason for his withdrawal was the ban on using live autotune.

In a separate communication, Luna’s team said their decision comes after the EBU banned the use of autotune.

“We’re saddened by this because autotune is a musical tool used by artists like Cher since 1998 that represents the sound and identity of a generation. Luna considers that their songs were composed with this tool and that its sound is an indispensable part of the interpretation”.

In the communication, the team says, “Luna is a sensible person going through a delicate emotional time, which is why we ask for respect and kindness.”

“Luna feels responsible towards the public of Benidorm Fest, the rest of the participating artists and RTVE, which is why they will give a detailed explanation of the decision. Luna Ki will give a press conference on Monday at 4:30 p.m. to explain more in detail.

Whether or not Luna will perform as a guest remains unknown. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s press conference.

Who is Luna Ki?

The futuristic vision of the artist has made Luna Ki a performer with a sound that leaves no one indifferent. “Voy a Morir” is an alternative rock track inspired by the anime universe. The artist describes “Voy a Morir” as “the experience of a painful and dependent love relationship, in which life has no meaning without the loved one”.

It’s one of the boldest entries for Benidorm Fest 2022. The artist worked alongside Allnight producer Vanity Vercetti and Digital Geass for this song.

“Voy a Morir” is a story of love and addiction taken to the extreme. Through the lyrics, Luna Ki shows the toxicity of their addiction to their lover: “When you’re not there, you hear me cry, you feel me shiver, I have to medicate myself”.

What do you think of Luna Ki’s decision? Do you agree with them? Should autotune be accepted at Eurovision? Let us know in the comment section below!