Spain signs agreement with Korean Air to promote Spanish destinations

An agreement has been signed between the Spanish authorities and Korean Air, South Korea’s largest airline and flag carrier, to mutually promote Spanish tourist destinations, products and experiences in South Korea.

Commenting on this decision, the Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdés, said that this agreement is aimed at joint promotional actions that will help restore the direct connection between Spain and South Korea to the level it was before. the pandemic, SchengenVisaInfo. com reports.

“Once the direct flights between Seoul and Barcelona started to resume, the Spanish government wants the direct Seoul-Madrid service to resume as soon as possible, and I have communicated this to the company’s vice president, Yohan Park. During our meeting, we verified that the interest in resuming connectivity before the pandemic is mutual”, he also noted.

The agreement was signed by the general manager of Turespaña, the national tourism body responsible for marketing the Spanish destination to the world, Miguel Sanz, and the vice-president of the Korean Air company, Yohan Park, who s is committed to developing joint promotions and coordinated activities that result in improved tourist flows in Spain.

According to Director Sanz, the Korean market is currently particularly relevant in the recovery of distant markets for Spain, especially with regard to Asian markets.

“The agreement signed today with Korean Air provides the framework that will allow us to further develop concrete marketing plans and actions between the two parties,” he added. Director Sanz emphasized in this regard.

Besides Fernando Valdés and Miguel Sanz, the Ambassador of Spain in Korea, Guillermo Kirkpatrick, and the Minister of Tourism in Korea and Japan, Jaime Alejandre, participated in the meeting with the representative of Korean Air.

The Secretary of State for Tourism in Seoul also met with the vice president of Asiana Airlines, another South Korean airline, Lim Seonjin, and the directors of major Korean travel agencies, who also highlighted the strong recovery of tourist activity in Spain.

At the same time, he showed the ambitious investment plan with EU funds for the next generation that will allow Spanish tourism to move towards a more sustainable, digital and quality model.

For Spain, Korea is a developing tourism market which, in just six years, has grown from around 100,000 travelers in Spain to more than 630,000 in 2019.

Recently, Spain announced that in the second half of 2023, it will celebrate a week of cultural activities in the Republic of Korea.