Spain, with Toni Bou, remains undefeated at the Trial of Nations

Italy, more precisely the region of Monza, hosted this weekend the Trial des Nations which symbolized the end of another Trial season.

In the main category, Spain won again and then remain undefeated since 2004. Toni Bou, Jaime Busto and Adam Raga were responsible for defending the Spanish colours, with the trio of athletes left with only nine points scored in all sections of the race that took place on the Monza circuit.

Matteo Grattarola, Luca Petrella and Lorenzo Gandola put the Italian flag in second place with 31 points, despite being five seconds faster than the Spanish team.

At the bottom of the podium was the trio of Jack Peace, Billy Green and Toby Martín who scored 52 points with British colors. France and Norway occupied the remaining positions with 70 and 116 points respectively.

In the ladies, the Spanish team once again occupied the top spot in the standings, with Berta Abellan, Sandra Gomez and Alba Villegas taking care of the situation. Here, the women’s trio scored one point less than the Spanish men’s team, in a category where Great Britain and Italy were once again on the podium.

In ‘International Trophy’, the Czech Republic was the best selection. Martin Kroustek, Martin Matejicek and David Fabian edged Germany and Austria by scoring seven points during the two runs in the 15 sectors that took part in the race.

Finally, in the ‘Challenge’ category, Italy won at home with 16 cumulative points; these points were the responsibility of Mirko Pedretti and Alessia Bacchetta. Norway and Germany were also on the podium with more than three dozen points.

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