Spain’s second 1oz gold bullion coin features El Toro – the bull, on the reverse

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La Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre – Casa Real de la Moneda has released its latest gold bullion coin for 2022, following the huge success of its first issue last year. The coin theme focuses on Spanish culture and heritage through the country’s wildlife, with the Iberian lynx featured on the one-ounce coins dated 2021. For 2022, the quintessential symbol of Spanish heritage, the bull of spanish fight (or twell done), a type of steer native to the Iberian Peninsula, is featured on the reverse. From March to October, the bullfighting season is highly anticipated and its origins date back to the beginning of the 8th century AD. Being part of the Roman Empire, the Spanish bullfighting tradition owes its early practice to gladiatorial games, although the first tournaments were organized on horseback and reserved for the Spanish aristocracy. It is widely believed that the first official bullfight (bullfight) was held in honor of the coronation of King Alfonso VIII, whose reign began in 1158. Another tradition that involves the toro bravo is the event known as the running of the bulls (or in Catalan, corbous). Made popular in the city of Pamplona and considered an act of bravery, city men run in front of a small group of bulls, sometimes a dozen or more, let loose through sectioned streets of a city. It is not uncommon for participants to sustain injuries, and on rare occasions fatalities have occurred.

The design on the reverse represents a toro bravo, as can be seen entering the arena. Above the main drawing is the denomination of the coin. 1.5 euro, and to the left of the value is crowned M Real Casa de la Moneda mintmark and year of issue, 2022. Bottom right along the edge is the text TORO. The obverse depicts the classic motif of the columnaire, an unmistakable symbol of the historic Spanish Pillar silver coins, once recognized around the world as the leading coin in international trade. The crest depicts two hemispheres beneath a royal crown, flanked by the Pillars of Hercules with the motto MORE VLTRA (“further beyond”), above a sea of ​​waves. This design has been changed from the 2021 coin. In addition to the changed design, there is the addition of a unique security measure patented by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre – Real Casa de la Moneda placed at- above the ridge. The quadruple latent image security feature, when tilted under a light source, displays four different images such as the mint mark, a five-pointed star, the euro currency symbol and the silhouette of the column. The legend seen on the left and right edges reads FELIPE VI REY OF SPAIN, accompanied by specifications 1 ONZA 999.9 GOLD, seen under the ridge. The coin is struck in Reverse Proof quality, with the background shown in matte and the relief engraved with a polished effect.



lester Diameter Quality

Draw limit

1.5 euro

.9999 Gold

31.1g 37.2 millimeters Reverse proof


Each coin is individually encapsulated and available through a network of official Real Casa de la Moneda bullion distribution partners.

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