Spain’s stance on Sahara ‘should be applauded’: former Spanish defense minister

MOROCCO, July 7 – Former Spanish Defense Minister and ex-intelligence official, José Bono, hailed his country’s position on the Moroccan Sahara issue, stressing the fundamental importance of preserving and promoting relations between Rabat and Madrid.

“The position of the Spanish government on the Sahara issue should be applauded,” said Bono, who was speaking on Spanish channel “La Sexta”.

By considering the Moroccan autonomy initiative as the most serious, realistic and credible basis for resolving the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, the Spanish government “acted correctly”, said Bono, also a former president of the Congress of Deputies, noting that “the other parties have presented nothing to resolve this dispute”.

The people of the Sahara “want solutions, and these solutions do not come from the Polisario or from Algeria”, he said.

Referring to the relations between his country and Morocco, Bono pleaded for the preservation of ties in the interest of both countries. “Spain and Morocco, two neighboring countries, should have very good relations because we need each other,” he said.

“Spain needs Morocco for essential reasons, particularly in the fight against terrorism,” concluded the former Spanish Minister of Defense.

MAP 07 July 2022