! Spanish News Today – Heatwave set to continue all week: Spain weather forecast July 11-14

Publication date: 07/11/2022

Thirteen regions of Spain are on alert for extreme temperatures at the start of the week

When the unusually early heatwave hit Spain in mid-June, meteorologists predicted this summer would be warmer than normal and so far the weather has lived up to expectations. July has been mixed, with mild temperatures and even a few torrential thunderstorms in recent days, but the second heat wave of the year has subsided and Aemet expects little change in thermometers until friday july 15 “at least.”

The weekend was truly scorching hot, with the mercury barely dropping below 35°C in most areas; temperatures will drop very slightly on Monday July 11before heading back up for the rest of the week.

Even with this drop on Monday, still no less than thirteen regions are on alert for extreme temperatures, including Andalusia, the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands. The mercury in the Region of Murcia remained virtually unchanged for several days, hovering around the 35C mark, and in southern and central Spain uncomfortable tropical nights are expected to continue throughout the week.

Minimum and maximum temperatures Monday:

Alicante: min. 23°C; 32ºC max

Almeria: 24ºC min; max 37ºC

Málaga: 22ºC min; max 30ºC

Murcia: 22ºC min; max 35ºC

Hot weather continues in tuesday july 12, where several communities once again received yellow and orange weather alerts for the heat. The day will be slightly cloudy or clear across most of the country, with thermometers expected to exceed 35°C inland, peaking at 40°C in the southwest.

Minimum and maximum temperatures Tuesday:

Alicante: min. 24°C; 32ºC max

Almeria: 24ºC min; max 36ºC

Málaga: 22ºC min; max 32ºC

Murcia: 22ºC min; max 35ºC

Aemet predicts that temperatures will continue to climb on Wednesday July 13 following the arrival of an African air mass, driven towards mainland Spain by an area of ​​low pressure located west of the Atlantic. If this happens, temperatures will easily reach 38ºC in most of the country, exceeding 40ºC in many areas.

Nights will become more unpleasant, with thermometers refusing to drop below 25°C in parts of central Andalusia and Extremadura.

Minimum and maximum temperatures Wednesday:

Alicante: min. 23°C; 33ºC maximum

Almeria: 24ºC min; max 33ºC

Málaga: 23ºC min; max 31ºC

Murcia: 22ºC min; max 39ºC

The situation will change a little Thursday July 14, when intervals of cloudiness are forecast in the northwest of the country, with scattered clouds expected across Spain. A few showers and thunderstorms could occur in Galicia and Cantabria, but the dry and sunny weather will persist in the south.

Airborne dust is likely in the west while daytime temperatures are expected to decrease slightly along the east coast, the Balearic Islands and western Andalusia.

The mercury will exceed 40°C in much of the southwest, mainly in the valleys of the large rivers, and will remain above 36-38°C in much of the interior of the peninsula and in Mallorca.

Image: Aemet