! Spanish News Today – How to check the condition of the roads in Spain before traveling

Publication date: 11/29/2021

DGT has provided drivers with a number of ways to find out if it is safe to drive in Spain

The safest way that DGT recommends that drivers stay safe when snow and ice are forecast is to check road conditions before a trip, so that the safest route can be planned or, if necessary , avoided completely.

How to check the condition of the roads

The DGT website offers several maps of the road infrastructure in Spain in real time, so motorists can check whether their route has been affected by snow or icefall. One of the most useful tools gives live traffic information on the national network and high capacity roads and users can filter their selection to check the impact of the weather. The system will tell drivers if the roads are closed or restricted and the reason for it, be it bad weather conditions, road works, accident etc.
The DGT also offers a mobility app, which allows drivers to check the roads by mileage points, in addition to offering information on restrictions, accidents or special surveillance sections.
Finally, the DGT constantly updates its publications on social networks and the traffic authorities advise motorists to check their official Twitter account before embarking on a journey.

Image: DGT