! Spanish News Today – Polar air mass will drastically reduce temperatures: Weather forecast for Spain March 1-3

Publication date: 01/03/2022

Heavy rain and a DANA storm are expected in Spain during the week

Spain welcomes the month of March with relatively stable weather and rain confined to the north, but all that will change on Thursday the 3rd, according to experts.

“From Thursday we are going to have significant changes in the atmospheric situation,” warned Rubén del Campo, spokesman for the National Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

“A polar air mass is coming into our geographic surroundings – air from higher latitudes, not necessarily from the pole, despite its name – much colder than what we have now.”

  • Tuesday, March 1: An inactive Atlantic front will enter the northwest of the peninsula, bringing precipitation to Galicia and the north of the country, but generally clear skies to the rest of Spain. Temperatures will rise in eastern regions where the mercury will reach 20 degrees.
  • Wednesday March 2: The rain will persist in the north but the weather will remain stable in the rest of Spain, although temperatures will drop everywhere except on the Mediterranean coast, where thermometers could exceed 25°C in cities such as Valencia.
  • Thursday March 3: A fairly active front will cross Spain from northwest to southeast, bringing rainfall to large areas of the northern half of the peninsula and, to a lesser extent, the south and east. A cold air mass will drastically lower temperatures across the country, with the coldest weather being felt on Thursday evening.

Image: Aemet