! Spanish News Today – Ryanair Spain-UK flight turned back after hitting flock of birds

Publication date: 09/09/2022

Passengers flying to Liverpool from Barcelona have been transferred to another plane

A Ryanair flight to Liverpool had to turn around just after leaving Spain on Wednesday evening September 7 and return to its base in Barcelona after the plane flew into a flock of birds and reportedly hit at least one a.

Apologizing for the significant delay, a Ryanair spokesman confirmed the Boeing 737-800 left Barcelona El Prat Airport on time but shortly after “encountered a minor bird strike”.

“The aircraft landed as normal and the passengers were transferred to a replacement aircraft which departed for Liverpool,” Ryanair said.

It is understood that some of the birds may have flown into the engine, as several people living near Barcelona airport said they heard an unusual noise as the plane flew over their homes.

The flight, which was due to land in the UK at 10.25pm, finally landed in Liverpool at 1.35am, more than three hours late.

Speaking about the industrial action in Barcelona this week, Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson explained the delicate relationship between the airline, workers and unions:

“They weren’t able to get a four-year deal, and our cabin crew had had enough and they’ve now gone with CCOO, and we have a good deal there I think. Nor will we get everything we want. But like I said before, it’s like a wedding. You have to stop shouting at some point and enjoy life,” he said.

Image: Archive