! Spanish News Today – Spain’s Easyjet strikes set to continue as airline refuses to negotiate

Publication date: 08/07/2022

easyJet cabin crew have planned an additional 6 days of strike in Spain

The USO, the union that represents cabin crew at easyJet, criticized the airline for “continuing to sign deals in other countries that already have the highest salaries” and accused the carrier of “not not move an inch from his wage freeze in Spain”.

“The conclusion is very clear: at easyJet, there is money for everything, except for Spain”, criticized the general secretary of the USO, Miguel Galán.

There remains one last chance to avoid the strike: a meeting already scheduled for Wednesday, July 13 where the unions will present a new set of demands.

However, Mr Galán warned that “if they come back empty-handed, they will continue to accuse us of reasons to continue the strike”.

In addition to a base salary increase in line with the CPI, the USO is asking for top-up pay for seniority, pay for training hours and top-up pay for refresher courses outside of Spain .

Staff also want the airline to introduce flight limitation measures, as has been done in other European countries, and new uniforms and shoes every year.

Image: Archive