Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez wants tax reforms to ensure ‘those who have the most contribute the most’ – Eurasia Review

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez spoke at the event marking the 10th anniversary of, held in Valencia, where he reaffirmed the executive’s commitment to implementing reforms taxes that ensure a fair and equitable distribution of the burdens arising from the war in Ukraine and that protect the welfare state.

“We propose a redistribution of the effort towards those who have the most so that they contribute to the financing of what belongs to all, that is to say the welfare state. Where there were amnesties and tax giveaways for the wealthy, there will be tax reforms to ensure that those who have more contribute more to public finances,” Sánchez said.

Sánchez pointed to the upward revision of GDP to 1.5% as a clear sign of the strength of the Spanish economy. “We believe the way forward is to protect the social majority and make investments to modernize our economy and be more competitive than we were before this crisis,” the prime minister said.

In this regard, Sánchez highlighted the great opportunity represented by European funds and the government’s reformist program for the modernization of all territories.

“Thanks to European funds and the reforms we are carrying out, the Spanish economy has much stronger principles and pillars than ten years ago to face many of the crises we are going through,” Sánchez said.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the government’s social achievements against a backdrop of inflation and economic uncertainty. “We will continue to progress on the rights front, as we have done so far, while fighting against rising prices with a battery of aid unprecedented in the history of our country”, a- he declared.