Steve Bull: Spanish side crucial for Wolves Premier League season

Wolves during their pre-season training camp (Getty)

They are not there for vacation. I know most players don’t, but it’s important that they all know they’re there to do a job.

If the strikers can score goals to their name in the friendlies, it will only boost confidence and show all the fans that they are fit and ready to start the season.

It’s definitely hot in Spain right now! They face temperatures of around 32 or 33 degrees, but they need to be put through their paces to ensure they’re ready for the first game of the season – you need to be 100 per cent.

Wolves have been good at this in the past and have beaten teams, or been in better shape, in the final third of the 90 minutes and it’s all down to the coaching staff.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 40 degrees or four degrees, they have to work to be at their peak.

In the meantime, it’s time we saw a signing coming!

I was starting to worry that the last few weeks of my column in the Express & Star had been devoted to ‘when are we going to sign’ or ‘who are we going to sign’ – but we finally have someone at the door.

Nathan Collins is young, fast, good head shot and very talented. I think he is a good asset for the club.

He will worry the other central defenders and no one will know who starts, but this competition is healthy.

Wolves needed a defender on the right side and he fits in perfectly.

I think he’s a good addition to the team, but we still need him.

We also need another midfielder and a centre-forward.

If Fabio Silva leaves, we need someone to put pressure on Raul Jimenez and make him fight for his place.

I think Raul will come back stronger and better this season, and the rest will have helped, but you still need competition there so he doesn’t get too comfortable in his position.