Swords warns Pedro Sánchez that “the future of the PSOE in Spain depends on its victory” in Andalusia

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Swords warns Pedro Sánchez that

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Swords warns Pedro Sánchez that

Pedro Sánchez and Juan Espadas launched together, this Saturday in Granada, the pre-campaign for the Andalusian elections, which have not yet been called, but which will define the political future of both in the short and medium term. Andalucia is the most populous community, with 6.5 million voters, and has always been a key bastion of votes to put a socialist president in Moncloa. If in doubt, the secretary general of the Andalusian PSOE and aspiring president of the Council stressed it to his party leader, when presenting his candidacy: “Not only does the future of the PSOE in Spain depend on our victory, but the future of Andalusian society. We are needed in Andalusia and Spain, Pedro. We are essential”.

The current fragmentation of the parliamentary arc and the end of bipartisanship call this assertion into question. The weight of the Andalusian vote in the legislative elections continues to be decisive, but it no longer puts and removes the tenant of Moncloa, as before. Either way, Swords’ warning had a clear intention shared by the prime minister: “You have the whole party behind you,” he reminded him. And then, in an institutional key: “Andalusia’s main ally is the Spanish government.

The landing of the ministers and of Sánchez himself in Andalusia in the coming weeks is “essential” to consolidate the candidacy of an Espada still largely unknown to a large part of the Andalusian electorate, especially in eastern latitudes. In the front row, the ministers Carolina Darias (Health) and Agriculture (Luis Planas), the former vice-president Carmen Calvo, the vice-president of the Congress, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, and the secretary for the Organization of the PSOE, Santos Cerdán, in addition to the large part of the Regional Executive Dome.

Once the town hall of Seville is gone, Espadas finally concentrates 100% on promoting his candidacy and his political project to try to defeat, in record time, his main adversary: ​​the chairman of the board of directors and leader of the Andalusian PP, Juan Manuel. Dark. Moreno is down in the polls and the date of the elections depends only on him, which he has placed in the month of June or October. Meanwhile, with an extended budget, a closed parliament in January and no official election campaign, the popular leader is ahead of the socialist, announcing almost daily inaugurations of hospitals, health centers, schools, training centers, laying the first stones in the whole Andalusian geography. card.

Sánchez and Espadas relaunched the socialist candidacy at the Palace of Congresses in Granada, where just two months ago the PP crowned Moreno as the undisputed leader of the party. The chosen currency: Juan Espadas22. The Andalusia you want. The former alderman of Seville was already in the Nasrid capital last June to announce that he would contest the electoral poster against Susana Díaz in an express primary which he won comfortably, and with the undisguised support of the federal leadership. The appointment of Espadas initially aimed to “renew” the political project of the Andalusian PSOE, “unite” the party, after the years of confrontation between Díaz and Sánchez, and “rediscover the illusion” of militancy, after the loss of the Government Andalusian in 2018, after 37 years in power.

One of the most heard slogans in the mouths of the two leaders is the need to “learn from the mistakes of the past”. Espadas mentioned it twice and Sánchez once. “We need to change the board to modernize it. Moreno didn’t do anything, because they don’t know how to do it. We are going to make changes for the better, assuming the mistakes of the past, ”says the candidate. “We have learned from our mistakes, because we have managed Andalusian public health for many years,” he repeated. Health, violently shaken by the pandemic, with asphyxiated staff and stressed health centers, is the PSOE’s first line of attack against the Moreno government.

The President of the Council accused the weakness this week, finally responding to the insistent speech of the opposition against the “dismissal of the 8,000 reinforcement toilets” in the face of the pandemic, last October. Moreno replied that 75% have already recovered, and the whole healthcare industry has fallen on him, making him ugly that these contracts are one-time to cover accidents and Christmas holidays for the permanent workforce.

Pedro Sánchez’s allusion to past mistakes did not have that marked profile of self-criticism that Espadas used. “We must learn from mistakes as a lesson for the future,” said the president, to differentiate the management of his government in emerging from the pandemic crisis from that promoted by the executive of Mariano Rajoy after the financial collapse of 2008. “Never again cuts to the welfare state. Social justice is the answer, social democracy is needed more than ever, so much does it bother conservatives and liberals.

That Sánchez is playing as much as Swords in the upcoming Andalusian elections was made clear in the president’s speech, who spent more time defending himself and attacking Pablo Casado’s “negative opposition” than praising the protagonist of the game. ‘act. The elections in Castilla y León, on February 13, then the Andalusian elections open an electoral cycle that the PP wants to read as a gradual advance from Casado towards Moncloa. What happens in the 2022 electoral nominations will set the course of the legislature nationwide, regardless of how stable the government is after approving general budgets and having the option to extend them.

The President of the Government did not elude the importance of what is happening in Andalusia: “Either we advance or we retreat in Andalusia. This is the crossroads,” he stressed, later expressing his confidence that “every time Spain has been at a crossroads like this, they have chosen to move forward: it happened with Felipe González, with Zapatero and it will happen with Espadas. Win,” he concluded.

This time the act had a more Andalusian atmosphere, with dozens of white and green flags, after the criticism received by the PSOE-A congress in Torremolinos, where socialist red prevailed and the conclave did not even was closed with the Andalusian anthem, as was traditional. Swords gave a long speech, sometimes dense and very technical, to break down his political project. Its main value, he says, is “effort and work”. But this time he has been more aware that he must first rouse the Socialists from their lethargy, the disbelief that left 400,000 voters at home in the 2018 Andalusian elections, but then returned to vote for Sánchez. in the general elections. 2019 elections.

Today he repeatedly called for “maximum mobilization and participation”, with hard arrows to the right, which work better among socialist militancy than the detailed exposition of the “axes” of his political project: “In Andalusia, there is an alliance of the PP and Vox that shamelessly smolders, given the certainty that one will not be able to govern without the other,” he said, later insisting that “we must mark the differences between this crisis and the previous one. A differential fact of this PSOE with that of Díaz is the collusion of the Andalusian federation with Ferraz, which is seen in the campaign that Espadas also makes policies and decisions of the Sánchez government: the labor reform, the minimum wage, “some General Budgets with soul”, listed…

Swords explained to his party leader that they had “wasted no time” and had “done their homework” since the last time they were together, at the Torremolinos congress, that is. say: a “renewed, united and strong” party that he has “taken back the political initiative”. The candidate asked his people to “go out into the streets to reconnect with society”. “We need a huge process of public participation, going out into the streets to listen to criticism in neighborhoods, health centers, schools, workplaces. You should not lock yourself in an office of the local party group”, a- he assured, ending with a quote from Albert Camus: “You can be right and lose.”

Espadas’ electoral objective, knowing the little time he has to make himself known, is to improve the result of Susana Díaz three years ago and to maintain the PSOE as the first force in Andalusia. This, they say in his environment, will give him legitimacy to negotiate his presidential nomination with other leftist forces, as long as the numbers allow an absolute majority of the progressive bloc against PP, Ciudadanos and Vox. In December 2018, the Socialists won the regional elections with the worst result in their history: 27.95% of the votes: 1,009,243 votes and 33 seats. They lost government for the first time in 37 years.