The best sources for online gambling available in Spain – European Gaming Industry News

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The number of players in Spain is increasing every year. Only in 2020, there has been an increase of more than 15%, and the number of active gamers has almost reached 1.5 million people. All of these players should have access to the most recent and reliable information on online gambling.

Where can they find it? In fact, there are several types of popular sources available on the web that can shed light on the gaming industry, its innovative solutions, updates, new releases, and many other important details. All of them can be divided into three major groups described below.

Gaming Blogs

Another popular source to consider is from popular gaming blogs. Some passionate Spanish players share their experiences and add news that they deem important to inform others. These blogs are generally amateur blogs, so you are relying entirely on the author’s point of view. Popular casino bloggers try to engage readers with fun interviews, changes in legislation, stories about new equipment, innovative technologies, and many other topics. Players can add comments to posted content and even discover practical tips on how to be successful in casino games from the articles.

The main goal of bloggers is to get more readers, so there’s a good chance that you will find a lot of useful information on popular blogs. Moreover, they don’t mind adding colorful illustrations, graphics and videos, as well as mentioning online casinos which should be avoided to protect vulnerable players.

Casino Guides

The most popular type of online source for increasing your reputation in casino games and sports betting is review and guide platforms. These sites serve as professional assistants to players looking for more details about an online casino and the games offered there. Spanish players can access the reviews of the majority of online casinos in their native language and see the rating of each casino to find the best one. However, not all online casino guides are reliable. Some of them can add promotional content and make some casinos exceptional on demand, so it is important to find a site with reliable and unbiased reviews and ratings.

Fortunately for Spanish players, there is a Spanish online gambling guide. HEX Casino – a new and very forward-looking site aimed at providing only useful information and secure information. The main key to its success lies in genuine reviews based on the experience and research of their experts.

Players can only find legal casinos there, which guarantees a pleasant gaming experience and payout of winnings. Other reasons why CasinoHEX takes the lead in the best Spanish casino review sites is a wide selection of high quality games offered there and lists all the payment methods supported by casinos for players to choose the more appropriate. It is important to mention that CasinoHEX promotes responsible gambling and tries to help every player have a successful gambling experience at online casinos. No wonder it is considered one of the most informative sources on online casinos.

Legal sources on gambling

In addition to online destinations that provide general information about gambling in Spain, there are documents and websites of authorized bodies that control this activity in the country. They can also be seen as a source of important data and details about the gaming industry in Spain. It is worth paying attention to the game Law 13/2011 and by consulting the website of the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation. Players can also find a lot of vital information there.

It will not take much effort to find a source of information about online gambling in Spain, as the number of platforms is quite large and they vary by type. However, can you trust all of the information provided there? Unfortunately, it is impossible to verify if it is true, so better to find one but a really reliable site like CasinoHEX to find out more about the gaming world!

News sites

There are online gambling destinations that are all about the news and what’s new in this area. For example, at ElPaís Readers of the casino section can find the latest and most accurate gambling news. Such sites help people stay in the know, be the first to discover innovative solutions, and stay informed on a wide range of events, including those related to gambling.

The main characteristics of the Spanish online gambling news sites are their relevance and their close relationship with the industry within the country. Players can find news on a variety of topics including game software vendors and their new releases, gambling business, legality, crime, rewards, highest payouts and jackpots, and more. These platforms usually have a team of professional writers who explore the gaming world and deliver interesting news to players as quickly as possible.

News websites are usually started by gaming connoisseurs who want to offer in-depth analysis of the gaming industry and only provide the details that really matter and are of value to readers and viewers!