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The new Audi A8 60 TFSI e quattro Design Preview in Spain

The new Audi A8 60 TFSI e quattro Design Preview in Spain

Duration: 03:00

With a sharp design, especially at the front and rear, and innovative technologies, Audi ensures the heightened presence and sporty elegance of the A8. For this reason, the company with the four rings is working even more intensively on the confident and progressive character of the active luxury sedan. The new high-end headlights and taillights inspire with innovative functions and form the pinnacle of the A8’s established technology portfolio. The brand’s flagship thus creates a contemporary and user-oriented experience – whether for passengers or drivers. As the successor to the Audi V8, the A8 has been at the forefront of the brand in the luxury sedan segment of Audi’s portfolio since 1994. The Audi A8 is a symbol and pioneer of status and prestige of the brand. The fourth generation of the luxury sedan, introduced by Audi in 2017, elevated it to a new level in terms of power, appearance and equipment. As an initial production model, the A8 revealed the future design language when it was launched and hence it is basically the progressive face of the brand till the present day. Sharp design combined with proven technologies and exceptional rear-seat comfort define Audi’s premium design in this segment. The sedan thus represents the symbiosis of masterful comfort and sporty handling and thus covers the full extent of the driving experience. With precision in every detail and numerous smart features, the new A8 is a high-value technology pioneer in user-centric and confident mobility.

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