The Spain 2022 World Cup away shirt, a multi-blue masterpiece

The Spain 2022 World Cup away kit is unlike anything the Spanish national team has worn before, featuring cool blue tones and a rounded pattern.

Adidas is reinventing the wheel with much of its Qatar World Cup collection, introducing its new textless logo and giving most of its customers sharp designs for a winter World Cup – but not Spain , which was entitled to this rounded base with their exterior.

It’s the perfect antithesis to the sleek but almost offensively harmless Spanish home shirt. Considering all of the World Cup shirts will also be released in a few weeks, it’s likely to be a favorite for many fans.

The Spain 2022 World Cup away kit breaks with tradition in an exquisite way

Spain gave the world precision passes. Networks of players patting the ball between them in neat little triangles – and Adidas have reflected that in highs of the past. The Euro 2016 “heat map” away jersey (opens in a new tab) certainly rings that bell.

Even last summer’s Euro 2020 home top had straights. But this one is different, with a softer, rounded pattern. It looks almost watery – and the cool blue is something a bit cooler for La Roja (the last World Cup away top was tinted pale blue, but the last true sky blue away shirt came 10 years ago at the Euro).

The best compliment you can give this one is that the blues mix doesn’t make it too loud at all. Especially when you factor in the red and yellow stripes down the sleeve – we love a national flag depicted in the Adi stripes – with that newly reworked crest.

Spain 2022 World Cup Away Shirt

Spain’s away shirt from above (Image credit: Adidas)

Round spots also do not fade. Each has a zigzag pattern when you take a closer look – we’ve dubbed it the “geometric jellyfish pattern” – meaning this one ties in with every other Adi top released so far.

While the German manufacturer has opted for a home top that will obviously appeal to everyone, they may have feared that the outside would no longer be pot. We’re struggling to see why, though. Who wouldn’t love this one?

Spain 2022 World Cup Away Shirt

Where does this rank in all-time Spanish kits? (Image credit: Adidas)

This one also has much lighter shorts than the navy shorts in the home shirt. It might just remind you of Manchester United’s away shirt from last season, another hit from Adidas.

That’s not a bad thing, however. You can buy this one at (opens in a new tab) – the rest of Adidas’ World Cup shirts (opens in a new tab) are there too.

What is the size of the Spain World Cup 2022 away kit?

The sizing of all Adidas football kits is very natural – not too tight anywhere, except perhaps around the cuffs on short-sleeved shirts, if you have big arms.

Adidas has a full size guide here (opens in a new tab).

What is the difference between genuine and regular versions of the Spain 2022 World Cup Away Kit?

The authentic version of the jersey is the official jersey that players will wear for matches. The only differences are minimal, usually the material is slightly different and the badges and logos are woven into the shirt rather than printed.

“Made with Parley Ocean Plastic, new ultra-breathable 3D engineered fabric, ‘HEAT.RDY’ technology, triangle-shaped ‘Authentic’ badge, 3-stripe taping execution on the shoulders, Authentic jerseys introduce new technologies in a future iconic football shirt silhouette,” says Adidas. Now you know.

If you want to pay extra for that extra quality, you can buy the authentic shirt here (opens in a new tab). In terms of design or feel, the regular version of the top is perfectly good and identical to the naked eye.